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Here is what I thought about Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.

OMG. Holy hell. This book. THIS BOOK.

One of the most creative, complex, and riveting stories I have EVER read.

The story just took off from page one. From the beginning to the end I was glued to the pages and what was unfolding in these pages.

Experiencing the story like this was just so fascinating.

The characters were amazing, definitely my favorite aspect of this book. Even though you were seeing these people through documents, emails, chats, and etc., I was so concerned and invested in the characters and I was pleasantly surprised that they never felt impersonalized.

To not be limited by a single persons journey or emotions and just not be compelled by a main character at all was what really blew me away. I LOVED IT!

This book equates to pure genius. Seriously. GENIUS. .

5/5 stars




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