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Eleanor & Park

Below are my thoughts and feelings about Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell!

(If you have not read E&P, please do and then come back and read this)

I was SO excited to be reading this book because last month I read both Fangirl and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and I completely fell in love with both. So to say I had high expectations for this book would be an understatement. But from the first page alone I knew I was going to love this too.

From the first page we knew that something was going to happen between Eleanor and Park to cause them not to be together and so I was just waiting and waiting to see what that something could possibly be. I  think having the story start from the reader having that knowledge was genius. It made the reader feel as desperate as E&P did.

Rainbow Rowell has a serious talent for writing amazing and realistic characters.

I loved Park. He was so complex and I found that I related to him a lot more than Eleanor. And I really enjoyed the parts where he would be sorting through his head wondering if he “betrayed” Eleanor or not when I think that alone just showed that he didn’t.

Eleanor was such an interesting person and although I related to Park more, I enjoyed Eleanor’s headspace more. I also loved her because I think that any girl can relate to Eleanor. Whether it be for the obvious reasons or not, there is SOMETHING in Eleanor that any girl could find in themselves.

I liked how the story was their relationship, from start to finish.  (hopefully this was not their end though)

My favorite part was when E&P were on the phone and we got to see inside both of their point of views. I also really enjoyed the part when Park started wearing eyeliner and he said it made him feel like himself and Eleanor said it made him look even more like him, just bolder and with the volume turned up.

This book also dealt with a lot of deeper topics, and I like that we saw what was going on but it never felt like those things were too in your face or overwhelming.  I think going about these situations and events in a more subtle way  through Eleanor’s eyes made everything that took place way more impactful and heartbreaking.

Overall, I think this is a very important book that everyone should read.

5/5 stars


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