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Carry On

So I just finished reading Carry On by Rainbow Rowell for the second time…and I am planning to reread it again sometime this weekend…..


(I am completely addicted to this book, actually)

As I said, I love this book. It has become my second favorite book. (The only reason it is not the first is because The Host and I have years of history.)

(If you have not read Carry On, I am sorry to say but this will be riddled with spoilers. So please read this amazing book and then come back so we can fangirl all over it together.)

The first few chapters just filled me with Harry Potter feels and I was hooked. But as the story progressed it became full on Carry On feels.

The first 150 pages were just torture for me. I was just waiting and waiting and still waiting for Baz. My feelings mirrored Simon’s. I COULD NOT WAIT FOR BAZ! So needless to say, from the moment Baz showed up, I was glued to the book. I just could not put it down.

After that point, Simon became such a different guy then when we started the story. Before Baz showed up, Simon was always thinking about where Baz was, what he was doing, if he was coming up with some evil plot. But after Baz was back he was more worried about him, I mean don’t get me wrong he was still paranoid as hell, BUT HE WAS WORRIED ABOUT BAZ.

I should probably mention the other feelings I have towards Simon that are not Baz related….

Simon was a great character. He made the most development throughout the book. I liked when he told Baz that he never thinks because he just takes everything as it comes and that does not leave anything to think about. In the beginning I loved his list of things he missed the most at Watford. I hated that he referred to himself as a discard and a waste of magick. It was depressing and made me hate the Mage.

Baz. Again. I just have to talk more about Baz. He has become my favorite character EVER. The thing about Baz is he wants everyone to believe that he is this monster and that he does not care about what people think of him and anyone else for that matter, but he does. His love for Simon was so obvious. But then when he and Simon finally got together he was so scared of losing him that he was still mean to him.

Now I am going to talk about everyone else.

Okay so from the beginning of the story Lucy confused me. I was not sure who she was and I could not see where she fit into the story and it irked me endlessly. But once you get a little past the quarter mark, you start to put the pieces together. Still it bothered me that her complete story was not revealed until almost the end of the book. I will say though that when I reread the book and knew about Lucy, I thought that revealing her story throughout the book like that was genius. Lucy’s story was just so heartbreaking and after finding out everything that took place, I really hated the Mage.

Speaking of hating the Mage. I did not like him from the start. I knew he was hiding information from Simon and that he was planning to use Simon’s power whichever way he pleased. Also, he was manic. All over the place, this one was. But I could see that he truly wanted to better the World of Mages. But he was so power hungry. HE had to be the one responsible for making everything better, and it was made very clear that he would destroy anyone who tried to stop him.

Now onto Agatha. I have very mixed feeling towards Agatha. Sometimes I liked her. And I liked that she was different and wanted to live away from magick. But on the other hand, I found her incredibly whiney and annoying. And I hated that she could not decide what the hell she wanted. Like, I want Simon but I don’t. I want Baz just because. I want to be alone. But I’m lonely. Seriously just get it together.

Fiona was just great. She was kick-ass and spunky and wore Doc Martens. What better could you ask for? Also, when she told Baz, “Front seat’s for people that haven’t been kidnapped by fucking numpties.” I died. It was the best thing ever.

And then there is Penny! She was wonderful. I loved her from the start. She was so smart and powerful and she was always reigning Simon in and talking him down. It was adorable. I love that her and Simon ended up being roommates at the end. It was perfect.

Pages 341 to 345 were by far my favorite part of the book. OMG THE FEELS!

Of course Baz was my favorite character.

Obviously 5/5 stars!

And there you have it. Somehow I feel like I could keep going on and on about this book but the world will most likely get annoyed so I am just going to stop now.

I just love it so much! SO MUCH!

Please tell me everything you thought about the book! And tell me who your favorite characters were, who your least favorite characters were, your favorite part of the book and anything else Carry On related!

And lastly, “Carry On, Simon.”


One thought on “Carry On

  1. Completely agree- just finished this book and fell completely in love with it!! And oh my goodness, how could anyone not love Baz???? He’s the best character ever!! (Excuse me for my impossible-to-contain excitement- but this is such a sensational book I can’t help it!!)

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