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I just finished Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout about 5 minutes ago and there are SO MANY FEELS that need to be written down and screamed from the mountain tops.

(If you have not read Obsidian, please do and then come right back because I’m sure you too will have the feels.)

Okay so first off, Katy is a book blogger and it was the coolest. But besides her book obsession, she was a really great character. She was such a smartass and matched Daemon’s wit on every level and it made for wonderful dialogue and led to my favorite part of the book, the romance between them. Her headspace is one of my favorites that I have ever read from. Not just because she loved books, but because she was really realistic and always said what was on her mind and it really made her an interesting person.

I loved Daemon. LOVED HIM. But he was such a jerk. One minute he would say something really sweet and deep and then within the same breath he would become the worst person….alien….ever.

The whole book I knew about him being an alien so I was just waiting for Katy to find out so the book would finally kick into high gear, and it felt like it took FOREVER to get to the point where she was in the loop and it killed me.

I was addicted to this book. I finished all 335 pages in less than 48 hours.


And finally, can I please have Daemon? Please? OMG

My favorite part was every time they were in trig and he would poke her with his pen. I was such a flailing mess every time.

5/5 stars


Let me know about all of your Obsidian related feels and tell me whether you were as glued to this book as I was!




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