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Within the last couple of hours I finished Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I wanted to spew my thoughts immediately but if I had it would have read like I was hyperventilating so I waited for coherent thoughts to form.


This book broke me into a million tiny pieces. It really did. From the beginning I was a mess. EVERYTHING went to hell in this book. I love these characters so much and it felt like the whole universe was out to get them. Especially the ending. Or at least I presume the Luxen came to cause chaos. (I really hope not)

So Daedalus was horrible. Obviously. Reading what was done to Katy was completely awful and really made me care for and love Beth and Dawson even more. And the Origins WERE SO FREAKY. I’m going to have nightmares.

Luc. Oh Luc. My feelings for him can pretty much be summed up with that. I mean, I liked him when we were first introduced to him but man, he got even better.

Right when I started to like Andrew he was snatched away. I was so upset when he died. Weirdly, his death hit me the hardest.

I really enjoyed being in Daemon’s head. Actually, enjoyed is an understatement. I LOVED HAVING MORE DAEMON. Being inside his head was awesome.

The romance, as always was by far my favorite aspect of the book. Katy and Daemon are an amazing couple.

My favorite part was when Katy was warning Dee to be careful what she thought about around Archer because he could read minds and Dee freaked out because she said that she had been picturing him naked. I was laughing hysterically after reading that.

Tell me about all of your Origin related feels!

5/5 stars





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