Book Reviews


I just finished Shadows by Jennifer L. Armentrout!!!!!


This was adorable. It was so sweet to see Dawson and Beth’s relationship. I hate the ending though. I HATE what happened to them. They are such a cute couple and they were so in love and then they were ripped apart for 2 years and were tortured horrifically and extensively. And God, I hate knowing that it was Matthew who turned them over.

It was the best thing ever when Dawson put Andrew in his place. Pure amazingness. And Adam was just watching like it was a really cool movie. HILARIOUS.

Reading about Adam again was heart wrenching. He was one of my favorite characters and although having him alive again was great, it was bittersweet because I know what happens to him and the pain his death brings to Dee and Katy.

It was the weirdest thing seeing Daemon before Katy. Like really, the weirdest thing. He was so different. He was mean before he and Katy really got together in the later books but this took his attitude to a whole new level.

I thoroughly enjoyed this (except the ending). I am in love with this series and these characters. This will ALWAYS be my favorite series.

5/5 stars


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