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Between the Lines

Right now I am feeling all of the feels for Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer.

This was awesome! I mean what could be better than a YA fairytale?

First of all this book was beautiful. Not only story wise but how the book was put together. Everything flowed so well between both Delilah and Oliver’s perspective and the pages from the storybook.

I have never loved a concept for a book more. It was so fascinating to think about what goes on in the lives of all the characters when the book closes.

My problem with this book lies with the fact that the concentration of the story was getting Oliver out of the book and Delilah’s obsession with him and helping him. Which in its self was not the problem but it felt like that was the ONLY focus. Everything and everyone else was not as well developed and was barely paid any attention. I also felt like this book wasn’t really on a YA level at times in way of the writing, it sometimes seemed like the language and sentence structure were on a much lower level.

4/5 stars



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