The Halsey Book Tag!

So I am COMPLETELY addicted to Halsey! (Who isn’t???) When I saw a chance to express my love for Halsey through books I had to do it ASAP. I was not tagged but……I’m going to do it anyway 🙂

1. Castle: Your favorite Queen?

Mare Barrow from Red Queen (Don’t tell me she doesn’t count, she’s the Red Queen)

2. Hold Me Down: A series you just can’t seem to quit no matter how hard you try?

UGH. I really wanted to quit the Fifty Shades of Grey books but I just HAD to see what happened to Ana and Christian. (I know, judge me all you want)

3. New Americana: The fictional friend group you’d want to be your fight-the-apocalypse-squad?

Obviously if the apocalypse was here I would want Jace, Alec, Izzy, Clary and Simon to have my back. I mean they willingly walked into Hell….and came back…..alive. Talk about kick-ass.

4. Drive: A couple that needs to communicate (better)?

Malec all the way. If only Alec told Magnus about his insecurities the greatest couple EVER could have happened a whole hell of a lot sooner without shattering my heart.

5. Hurricane: Your favorite standalone?

The Host. I don’t feel like there even needs to be an explanation, this book is pure greatness.

6. Roman Holiday: Cutest contemporary couple?

There are SO many couples that could easily be classified as the cutest contemporary couple but I think I am going to go with Paul and Noah from Boy Meets Boy. They were just SO adorable.

7. Ghost: Most tragic breakup?

Magnus and Alec. Like I said, my heart was shattered.

8. Colors: One of your favorite characters that hurt you a lot because they make terrible decisions?

Maven from Red Queen. I refuse to say anything else about it. OMG

9. Strange Love: A character a lot of people don’t get, but you absolutely love?

I don’t know but I kind of liked Jonathan/Sebastian Morgenstern. By no means did I love him but……yeah, I feel like he has to be my choice here.

10. Coming Down: A book with the best sexy times?

I feel like every book lover would pick this answer but……Clary and Jace in CoHF……. (You know which scene I’m talking about)

11. Haunting: A book or character you’re still thinking about?

Daemon. Daemon. Daemon. Daemon. OMG Daemon. I just CAN’T stop thinking about Daemon. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

12. Gasoline: Favorite self-destructive character?

Does lack of self preservation count as self-destructive?? Because if it does my answer is Wanda from The Host. She always puts everyone ahead of her self and was willing to die so that she would not have to take someone else’s life to live.

13. Control: Your favorite villain?

The Joker. There is NO better villain then The Joker. (Comics and graphic novels are books too, so they count O.o )

14. Young God: Characters that secretly worship each other?

Katy and Daemon in Obsidian. They may eventually tell each other how they feel and get together but all through Obsidian Katy and Daemon absolutely refuse to admit their feelings and wants.

15. Walk the Line: Best retelling or reworking?

Somehow I have never read a retelling or reworking. Any recommendations???

16. Is there somewhere: OTP with obstacles?

Malec. Again. But they really do have to over come a lot of stuff to be together. AND THEY ARE THE BEST COUPLE IN THE HISTORY OF COUPLES.

17. Empty Gold: An OTP that became a NOTP?

I was SO a shipper of Maven and Mare but for obvious reasons that can no longer happen. (Instead I ship Mare and Cal ALL THE WAY ❤ )

18. Trouble: A toxic relationship that you still ship even though you know better?

Tiger Lily and Peter! I wouldn’t say that they were toxic together but they weren’t really right for each other and so they ended up with different people. But they were still an amazing couple in the short time they were together so I still ship them.


This was a lot of fun! I tag anyone and everyone who wants to do this. (Send me a link if you do, I’d love to see your answers!) Also send me a comment telling me your favorite song off of Badlands! (Mine is Young God!!!)



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