Book Reviews

Off the Page

Here is what I thought about Off the Page by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van  Leer.

Warning: Spoilers

I did not enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the first book in this duology. The story and characters fell flat, like there wasn’t any depth. The parts that were supposed to be sad, like Frump dying and Jessamyn being terminally ill, weren’t as impactful as they should’ve been. I guess the problem was that the story was a lighthearted read and didn’t do well portraying anything more than that. The plot was incredibly rushed and there wasn’t any resolution with Jules and Edgar and really with Jessamyn and Edgar being put in the story.

I hated that everybody got a happy ending except Jules. The story ended with her and Edgar being in the same position that Delilah and Oliver were in the beginning. It just created a huge loop.

I still enjoyed this premise and I really loved the cute and adorable moments.

I just wish this did a better job portraying the deeper issues and emotions.

My favorite part was when Oliver attempted to do laundry. It was SO funny.

3.5/5 stars

Let me know your thoughts were about Off the Page and tell me what your favorite part was!


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