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Queen Song by Victoria Aveyard

This was a really great addition to the Red Queen series. I loved seeing where the story really began, getting some backstory on Queen Coriane and seeing what Tibe was like before he became King. It was also really interesting to see Elara before she became Queen and how she became Queen. But now I hate Elara a whole lot more, which shouldn’t really be possible because I hate her SO much.

Seeing the court before the events in Red Queen was really cool and seeing everything through a Silvers eyes added to that.  It was so sad to see Coriane unraveling. Actually sad doesn’t even begin to cover it. It was heartbreaking.  We also got to see baby Cal which was awesome.

Overall, I liked this and thought it added some great info to the story. It wasn’t the best, but you have to keep in mind that this is a novella and therefore not intended to be a vital read.


My favorite part: Getting to see Tibe and Coriane meet. It was both interesting and cute.

4/5 stars

Let me know what you thought of Queen Song, what your favorite part was and what rating you gave this novella!


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