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Steel Scars by Victoria Aveyard

Ahhhh this was SOOOO great. I loved getting to see what was going on within the Scarlet Guard. In Red Queen I wasn’t a big fan of Captain Farley but now I like her a lot more. I loved the members of the Scarlet Guard that we got introduced to, my favorite being Tristan. I also really liked that we got to see more of Shade and what he was up to. I didn’t like the formatting of the Scarlet Guard messages. I understand why they were written that way but it was still annoying to read. I’m glad that I will have a little more insight as to how the Scarlet Guard operates. Altogether this was a really great read and added a lot to the story.


My favorite part: All the interactions between Captain Farley and Shade. They’re SO cute together.

4/5 stars

Let me know what you thought of  Steel Scars, what your favorite part was and what rating you gave this novella!


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