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Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!?! I JUST CANT. WHERE IS THE NEXT BOOK??? I NEED IT NOW. I CANT EVEN. AHHHHHHHHHH. I don’t even know how to describe my feelings right now. OMG and I thought the first book tore out my heart and set it on fire. WHY?!?

Victoria Aveyard has an amazing talent. She has an incredibly addictive writing style that just grips you and doesn’t let you go and she throws so many twists and turns in to where you never know what is going to happen until it happens and you die on the floor.

But with saying that, I don’t think this was as good as Red Queen. It was close, but not quite. I think that can be attributed to the fact that this is a sequel though.

The story picked up exactly where we left off in Red Queen which means we were just thrown into the chaos. Literally.

I liked that we got to see more of the Red Queen world and see more of what goes on in the Reds’ lives instead of being at the Silver court. I liked all of the new characters that we were introduced to, my favorites being Nanny, Gareth and Ada.

Even though Maven is pure evil as so proven in the first book, I wish he was in this a little more. I feel like even though he is our main villain, he wasn’t present nearly as much as he should have been. BUT that means that he wasn’t there to cause destruction and make me die on the inside, so I guess it’s okay.

That ending though. Seriously. Is anyone okay after reading that??? The ending was both the best part of the story and the part that made me throw the book at a wall and hyperventilate.


My favorite part: Was when Bree and Tramy decided to go with Mare to the Choke.

5/5 stars

(I should actually rate this book 4.5/5 stars but I just love this world and the writing style so much that I am rounding it up)

Tell me about all of your Glass Sword thoughts and feels, what your favorite part was and what rating you gave this book!





Shade died. NOT OKAY. He was one of my favorite characters and I loved him SOOO much. WHY???

Also, Mare is now Maven’s captive and was being kept unconscious until Maven was ready to show her off as his living trophy. WHAT EVEN???

The only good thing to that last thing, is that it will be a really interesting place to start the third book. Which is what I keep telling myself to be okay.


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