Feeling Slumpy

I am currently in a reading slump from the depths of hell. I haven’t been able to read at all. If you are a reader, you understand that this is the worst thing ever. I am writing this post just to let all of you know that this is why I haven’t posted any book reviews this month.

I have been trying to shake this reading slump by rereading some of my favorite parts from some of my favorite books like Oblivion, Carry On and Glass Sword. I’ve also tried just giving myself a break and picking up books at random until something sticks. But all to no avail. I am still stuck in a slump. UGH.

I am going to keep trying to read until this reading slump eventually ends. Hopefully it will end soon. But I just wanted to say that I am really sorry that I haven’t posted any book reviews lately!


3 thoughts on “Feeling Slumpy

  1. It’s perfectly fine to go through one of these! It’s like a “Writer’s Block”. The right book should pull you right out. I’m a writer and reader so these two both suck. Whenever I get into my reading slump, I try to read a classic literature book or even one of those lame, cheesy mini-horror YA books from the 90s. Those usually help me and maybe they’ll help you, who knows. The cheese makes me appreciate how far books have come and they make me laugh. Try it out, hopefully it’ll get better for you!

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