Monthly TBR Situation

I will no longer be setting a monthly TBR.

This is because I believe that having a list to follow has been a contributing factor in my reading slump predicament.

Having a list just puts more pressure on me as a reader. It makes me feel like I’m letting everyone down when I don’t complete everything I set out to read and it makes me really disappointed with myself when I can’t finish my TBRΒ or when I deviate from it.

So from this point forward there will no longer be a monthly TBR.

I think this will help prevent me from falling into another slump and hopefully encourage me to read as fast as I was before.

Tell me down below if setting a monthly TBR for yourself helps or hinders you!


19 thoughts on “Monthly TBR Situation

  1. I completely know the feeling, instead I have a pile of books that I add to when I find books I’d like to read but I let myself decide which to read, depending on how I’m feeling at the time. πŸ™‚

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  2. It’s like you reached in and pulled out my thoughts. I was planning on doing this same post tomorrow. I agree with you 1000%. I’ve felt way too much pressure to stick with my TBR. As a result, I haven’t felt like reading anything and what I am reading, I’m not enjoying.

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  3. I only just started setting a tbr myself, so I don’t have the experience to know either way, but it didn’t go so bad last month. We’ll see about this month.

    I can see how it could ruin things though. Sometimes not meeting a goal can really take its toll on your confidence & make it not fun anymore. And shouldn’t reading be fun???

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    1. I hope you have a WAY better experience with setting a TBR than I did! Yes, exactly; not meeting a goal really does take it’s toll. Reading is supposed to be fun and bring you joy. You’re not supposed to stress over it. Which is what I’ve been doing lately.


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