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Light My Fire by Christie Ridgway

Goodreads Synopsis

This was AMAZING! I loved it! I just couldn’t stop reading and the pages flew by.

Ren and Cilla had such a cute, complex and interesting relationship. They were perfect.

I really loved that Cilla and Ren BOTH had problems that they had to work through and that they balanced each other out. Where Cilla had problems with trust and confidence, Ren had to come to terms with his really deep abandonment issues and he had to stop pushing everyone away. And, I love that Cilla got the guy she had a crush on when she was younger and that he became the guy of her fantasies. It made Cilla and Ren’s coming together even sweeter.

Ren was perfection. He was the bad boy, yet he was also this really great guy. When he found out about what Tad had done to Cilla I was really, REALLY hoping that he would actually kill him. I mean, who does that??? UGH, Tad needed to die.

I also like that each book within this series follows a different Lemon kid. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books and follow the rest of the Rock Royalty!

My favorite part: Everything that took place in the Rapunzel tower.

5/5 stars

Tell me about all of your Light My Fire thoughts and feels, what your favorite part was and what rating you gave this book!

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