That’s what HE said Thursday – 5/19/2016


That’s what HE said Thursday is a bookish meme hosted by Chapter Break. To participate you just have to share a quote that one of your (many) book boyfriends said to his girl (who you wish you were). To learn more about this meme click here.

Today I am sharing a quote from Light My Fire by Christie Ridgway. Light My Fire is the first book in the Rock Royalty series. This book was probably my favorite of the entire series and Ren and Cilla have to be one of my favorite couples ever.

Ren said this to Cilla on page 251:

“I couldn’t see myself loving anyone. Being with anyone. Having a future that was filled with love and family.”
“Then you showed me how it could be. You showed me how sweet are the ties that I thought would never be for me. You made me want them. Fiercely.”

If you’d like to see my review for Light My Fire, click here.
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6 thoughts on “That’s what HE said Thursday – 5/19/2016

    1. It’s a really great idea and I love writing a new That’s what HE said post every Thursday…well I aim for every Thursday but it doesn’t always happen. Thank you, I thought it was a really great quote too! I highly recommend this book/series. I was completely addicted and I just couldn’t put it down. Thank you so much for stopping by and I am so terribly sorry that it took me so long to comment back. My family has been moving and so everything has been crazy lately.


    1. I won’t deny it either! Ren is really great and he deserves all the love lol. I definitely recommend picking this series up, especially if you’re in a reading slump.

      P.S. I’m sorry that it took me so long to comment back. Everything has been SO hectic with the move.


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