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Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

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Goodreads Synopsis

This review is going to contain SPOILERS. So, if you have not read Everything, Everything, and you do not wish to be spoiled, please go and read it and come back.

I also did a teaser for this book. If you’d like to read it, click here.

Let’s get on with the review.

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In this book we follow Maddy. And as an infant, she was diagnosed with SCID. Which basically means she’s allergic to the world and that anything can trigger her into an extreme sickness that could be fatal. Because of this, she can not leave the house and hasn’t left her house in 17, almost 18 years. The only people she’s ever had contact with are her mom and her full time nurse Carla.

Maddy and her mom are extremely close. They’re all each other has. And Maddy’s mom clings to her fiercely, not only because she has been dangerously sick her entire life, but also because she lost her husband and son when Maddy was a baby.

I loved the relationship between Maddy and her mom. They make the most out of the situation and find ways to have fun and just enjoy every minute of the time they spend together. Maddy also has a very close relationship with Carla. Instead of acting like nurse and patient, they are friends. And it makes sense why; Carla is the only person that Maddy interacts with besides her mom and they spend all day, everyday together while Maddy’s mom is at work.

Maddy’s life is the same everyday. She has the same routine and sees the same two people. There is no change.

Until Olly moves in next door.

Maddy is instantly intrigued when she sees that a family is moving in next door. And she is especially intrigued by the boy she sees.

They see each other through the window and there’s an instant connection.

The initial contacts between Maddy and Olly were so cute! I loved how he put on this sort of skit with the Bundt cake; it was hilarious. And then when they finally started IM’ing and emailing, ahhhh it was just so adorable. Their conversations were so fun and they really started to get to know each other. Maddy keeps Olly a secret. Until….she can’t take it anymore and asks Carla to let them meet and actually talk.

Carla is incredibly reluctant, as she should be. Maddy has never been around anyone because anything can be a trigger. Anything that comes in her house is air sealed and decontaminated. But Carla finally gives in because she loves Maddy and wants to see her happy and believes that sometimes, just breathing and going on isn’t living.

So Maddy and Olly finally get to meet. On the condition that Olly goes through the decontamination process and under no circumstances are they allowed to touch.

Their first meeting was awkward, cute, interesting and bittersweet all in one. Of course it was awkward; Maddy has never even been around a boy, let alone one that she’s interested in and attracted to. And it’s awkward for Olly because well, lets face it, anything would be awkward if you had to be completely decontaminated first. But, it was very cute. The way they acted around each other and the deep conversations they had….it was just the cutest. It was so bittersweet though! Maddy knew that no matter how much she wanted it, there was no future and it would have to end. All they would ever have was 20 minute talks, where they had to stay on their side of the room and never touch. It was heartbreaking.

But then…….they accidently touch…..and then…..they kiss. And Maddy falls for Olly.

She wants to be able to be with him more than anything. But she knows she can’t. And yet, she doesn’t care. She decides to go by what Carla has always told her; love can’t kill you and risks are a part of living.

It’s very hard to be on the “right” side here. You should hope that Maddy stays in the house and is careful and doesn’t take the risks she does because she’s so ill and the possibility of her dying is so high. But it’s impossible not to hope for Maddy and Olly to be together. IMPOSSIBLE.

When she made the decision to be reckless and not only leave the house, but get on a plane, and go to Maui…..I was cheering her on the entire time. When she said that she didn’t care if she died that at least she finally got to live first, I understood what she meant and completely agreed with the choices she made. And I’m not saying being reckless and risking your life for a boy is what I agree with here. I agree with what she was saying about seeing the world for the first time, and that doing the same old same, seeing the same two people and being surrounded by the same four walls, isn’t living. I would’ve made the same choices had I been in her shoes.

I like that she risked her life and left and knew she could and probably would die and the one place she chose to go was her dads favorite place; Maui. She also chose it because the one thing she always wanted to see was the ocean.

Maddy and Olly’s trip to Maui was absolutely adorable. They had limited time and made the most of it and it was just amazing and so sweet. They did so much and grew so close together and ugh it just made my heart hurt with how cute it all was. And like Maddy, we get hopeful. She’s been out of the house for days now and has been introduced to so many things and be exposed and nothing has happened to her and she’s still alive and fine. We hope that she’ll stay okay and that it will all be okay.

But then, the worst thing happens.

She ends up in the hospital because she gets terribly sick and her heart stops. And her mom goes to Maui and brings her back home.

When Maddy finally wakes up, she’s devastated. She’s back to where she was; stuck and locked up. And away from Olly. And she can’t take it. So she cuts ties with Olly and tries to forget everything and go back to the way things were before she saw him.

It broke my heart.

But we go back to the same routine and try to move on and then Olly moves away and it’s all the way it used to be.

Until…..Maddy gets an email from the doctor in Maui, saying that she doesn’t think Maddy has SCID….or that she ever had it.

This is when we get thrown through a loop. I did not see what happened next coming at all; I was completely shocked.

We find out that her mom has been lying to her for 18 years. Her entire life. She kept her in the house and by herself and away from anything and everything.

After her dad and brother died, Maddy’s mom couldn’t cope. Maddy was all she had and she decided the only way to keep her safe was to not allow her to be a part of the world.

Now don’t get me wrong, I see what Maddy’s mom believed and all she wanted was to keep her safe and I get that and there is nothing wrong with wanting to protect your child. But she took it to the absolute extreme. She took so much away from Maddy and it truly is unfair. She took 18 years away from her. She kept her locked up and told her that she was terribly sick and would die if she left the house. And that is so, so wrong.

Like I said, I didn’t see that coming and it shocked me. And it was a really good twist. But this became the focus of the end of the story.


This book was on it’s way to becoming a five star read. I loved everything I had read and couldn’t put it down.


The book was about Maddy and Olly and THEIR STORY. And he wasn’t even in the last forty pages or so. AND THEN. WHEN HE WAS FINALLY BACK IN THE STORY. IT WAS FOR 5 PAGES.

And we don’t even know what happened. It ended with her going to New York to surprise him. She went to this bookstore and told him to go there….and left her favorite book as a clue…..and he saw it…..and then said “I found your book”…..AND IT ENDED.

I was so disappointed. That didn’t tell us what happened. We don’t know if they were going to be able to be together. Or what. It just ended.

So, other than the ending, I completely loved this book. I loved the story and all the characters. And I really loved Nicola Yoons’ writing style and how not every page was filled with text and that we got illustrations throughout the book. It was such an easy and light read and overall it was just great. I just wish we had gotten to know a little more on how things were left between Maddy and Olly.

Also, I’m planning on seeing the movie opening weekend and I’m very excited. I hope that it’s as amazing as the book (but expands on the ending a little bit).

My favorite part:

When Maddy and Olly finally met for the first time in person. It was so cute and just UGH I loved it so much.

Image result for 4 and a half stars out of 5

The ending really disappointed me and made the book feel so unfinished so I just can’t rate this 5/5 stars. But I still loved it so, so much.

(I rounded it to 4/5 stars on Goodreads. Again I say, Goodreads really needs to allow half stars)

So, those were all my thoughts and feelings about Everything, Everything!

Did you love the relationship between Maddy and Olly? Would you have made the same choices Maddy did? Did you see the twist coming? Do you agree with what her mom did and/or her reasoning? Or did you agree with how Maddy felt and reacted? Did the ending make you angry?

Tell me all of your thoughts and feels down below!!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you keep visiting!!


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3 thoughts on “Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

  1. I definitely loved this book and I’m glad you did too! ❤ I’ll be lying if I say I was satisfied with the ending (I wanted more!) but I think some authors just wanted the readers to think whatever they wanted to think/imagine after they’ve given us an ending, if you know what I mean. Lol. But anyway, great review! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved it too! And I see what you’re saying about the ending; and I didn’t really want an in depth, overly informative ending…but more would’ve been nice. There was nothing really said between them and it just felt so unfinished. But thank you! And thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you continue to do so!!

      Liked by 1 person

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