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King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard

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King’s Cage is the third book in the Red Queen series. If you have not read the previous two books or if you have not read this one, please go and read it and then come back. This review is going to contain SPOILERS.

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Lets start the review!

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Let me just start by saying that the Red Queen series is by far my favorite series of all time. I love it so much. Red Queen is a special book to me. And Glass Sword is my favorite of the series so far.

I’m a little late reading this book. It came out mid February and I got it immediately and well…it’s been sitting on my shelf ever since. It’s been killing me to have it just sit there unread but…MY HEART JUST WASN’T READY.

One of the reasons I love this series so much is because it’s so high stakes and unpredictable. But it makes my heart hurt so much. After what happened in Glass Sword, I just wasn’t ready yet.

But I finally couldn’t take it anymore and decided it was time to read it. And, from the time I actually began to read to the time I finished it, it took me exactly a week to devour all 528 pages. I barely put it down.

This was a great addition to the series. However, it is my least favorite thus far. I had my problems with this one. It moved a lot slower than the rest of the series.

For almost three fourths of the novel, Mare is in captivity. Which means she isn’t doing much. We basically watch her unravel. In Mare’s own words, she becomes a ghost.

However, her being a prisoner allowed us to see Maven behind the scenes and we got to see the politics of his new court and, instead of seeing the Scarlet Guard operate and plan, we got to see the effect of what they did on the King. It was interesting and allowed for some good insight.

In the last book we got to see Cal and Mare interact. It this one, it was all Maven. I hold a special place for Maven. Like Mare, I struggle not to like him and feel for him. And we got a lot more of his background and we finally got to see him make his own choices without Elara. Which made me feel for him even more. Mavens life truly is depressing.

But he keeps Mare close. We know he loves her in his own wicked way and that he can’t let her go. So we just watch what Maven does. We watch him scheme and plan. He turns reds against the Scarlet Guard and recruits newbloods. He goes on a tour of the country and gains more and more support, painting the Guard as terrorists. And we watch him form an alliance with the Lakelands. Maven is incredibly smart.

Everyone plots against him though. He had House’s in his own court attempt an assassination on him. The Scarlet Guard keeps fighting. Mare tries her hardest to keep fighting. Maven’s reign is truly doomed.

I was just waiting for the first part of the book to end. We’re used to non stop action and twists in this series AND IT WASN’T THERE. It was killing me. Don’t get me wrong, like I said, it was interesting to see everything that was happening with Maven but it dragged and dragged and DRAGGED.

But things finally started to pick up with Maven’s alliance with the Lakelands and his marriage to their Princess, Iris.

I actually really like Iris and I hope we see more of her in the next book. She was a very, very fascinating character. Though, I know that when we do see her again, she will most likely be bringing lethal destruction with her.

So, Maven is married. Something that I find very weird. And when we see him again, I wonder how that will effect what he feels for Mare and the decisions he makes concerning her. He’s unpredictable with her and I wonder if this will enhance that or make him less conflicted. He doesn’t love Iris; their marriage was for power and alliance. But, still. I’m curious to see if this will change him any.

Maven’s wedding turned into a war zone. And I was so ready for it. Something was finally happening. She was finally being rescued. Cal was finally going to be here.

I am Team Cal all the way. Although I love both Maven and Kilorn, I root for Cal.

Evangeline really came to surprise me. She freed Mare. On the condition that Mare wouldn’t go after Ptolemus. But still, she freed her. Chapter Nineteen in Evangeline’s point of view was one of my favorite parts of the book. We finally got to see more to her than just this crown thirsty girl. It was nice to see a different side of her. All the chapters we got in her point of view were great. And, I never thought I’d say this, but they made me feel pity for her. I hope things work out for her. I truly do. I really came to like her. Maybe even Ptolemus a little bit too. I don’t think I’ll ever like him because I am still upset about Shade dying. But, I feel for him a little bit.

From the point that Mare got rescued to the end of the book it was amazing. It was what I was waiting for. We get caught up on what had been happening while Mare was away. And a lot has changed. We see even more newbloods and we see an array of abilities. The Scarlet Guard is up and moving a hundred times better and more effectively than we had in the past and things were actually going well. Very well. I hope that this situation with the Scarlet Guard and Montfort doesn’t come back to bite because like I said, the Scarlet Guard is doing so much better and getting things done and have more people behind them. I have a sneaking suspicion that they will turn on them at some point in the next book. But for now, it’s serving them well. They repeatedly succeeded in defeating Maven and it was so amazing. I hope it continues.

I wanna talk a little bit about Farley. She has always been one of my favorite characters and her being with Shade intensified that because he was one of my top three favorite characters. I loved him and I loved them together. This book made me love her even more if that’s possible. She was pregnant and still fighting and planning. And then once she had her baby, she was still on the front lines fighting for what she believed in and for a better world for her daughter. I loved it. I love that after having the baby she wasn’t just on the sidelines or left at home. It wouldn’t have been true to her character if she had. Farley is a fighter. And I think now even more so. She’s lost Shade and she wants her daughter to grow up without a war strewn country. I love that she named her baby after her mom. I think Clara is a very pretty name. And I love that we get told she looks like Shade. And, I love that when Farley goes out for the big fight at the end of the book that it’s Mare’s mom that looks after Clara. It’s really sweet and it’s a little piece of Shade still in the book and it really makes me happy when she is mentioned.

Now, let’s get to what I didn’t like so much.

So, the whole Samos King thing. I don’t like it. At all. Volo Samos has decided to be a King of his own property and have people act and treat him like the actual King. His wife is Queen. And Ptolemus and Evangeline are Prince and Princess?They have servants and other houses treating them like royalty. I really don’t understand. They have a certain amount of property. It doesn’t sound like it’s an incredibly substantial amount of land. So I mean, you just want to live kingless in your house with servants and other people calling you “your majesty”? EHHH??????? I don’t like it. And I don’t see it lasting at all. Either Maven or Cal will end it eventually. Or maybe even the guard. I guarantee it.

Another thing I didn’t like was the chapters in Cameron’s point of view. I like Cameron, I really do. And I was initially excited to see that we’d be getting her POV. But I hate how it was done. We got a few chapters sprinkled here and there and they weren’t extensive. Just a few pages giving us a little bit of what was happening. We needed more. Mare was imprisoned for so much of the book and we were left in the dark where everyone else and the Scarlet Guard were concerned. We should’ve had more from her point of view so we could know more. Instead we just got the bare minimum from her. And, I feel like her chapters weren’t written as well as the rest of the book. I don’t know. I just was a little disappointed with how it was pulled off.

Also, WHERE THE HELL WAS KILORN. He was there so much in the first two books and he’s one of my top three favorite characters and HE JUST WASN’T THERE DAMMIT. UGH. I love him so much and it’s like he was just left out. He’s in the book for I bet less than 10 pages. Barely mentioned. Barely thought about. I get that it’s because the rivalry between Kilorn and Cal is gone and that Mare has chosen to be with Cal. But come on. That means he disappears? He’s a big part of Mare’s life and her family. He should’ve been way more present.

And finally, the ending. The ending made me mad. We’re trying to make Cal King and Evangeline his Queen. But everyone is saying that they are trying to change the world. For reds and silvers to be united. But the Scarlet Guard does not believe or trust anyone. Not even Cal. They back him for now but their plan is just to let Cal, Maven and the Samos’ to kill each other and then to end up on top. It’s dirty. And won’t get them anywhere in the end. I love Cal, but nothing will change if he ends up King. Nothing will change if Maven remains King. And things will be even worse if Volo Samos remains King. I side with Mare. Why does anyone have to be King? I hope she can find a solution not only to change everything but to change Cal’s mind. It broke my heart when he chose the crown over her.

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My favorite part was when Clara was born. All the Barrow’s were there and even the Colonel was there. It made me really miss Shade but, all together made me really happy. It was a very sweet scene.

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Although it had a few problems, this was still an amazing book. It’s my least favorite of the series so far but I still loved it. This remains my favorite series and I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

I was glued to the story and characters as always. This world just keeps getting more and more interesting and I love it.

I can’t wait to see what happens next and I think that the next one is actually the end of the series if I’m not mistaken.

 So, those were all my thoughts and feelings about King’s Cage!

Did you like this installment to the series? Did you find it lacking or did you enjoy it just as much as the others? Which is your favorite of the series? Who are your favorite characters? Which Calore brother do you root for? What was your favorite part? What do you think about the ending and where do you think the series will go from here?

Tell me all of your thoughts and feels down below!!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you keep visiting!!


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8 thoughts on “King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard

  1. This is my favourite from the Red Queen series, and one of my favourites in the YA Fantasy category. I love the unpredictability of this series, the ending just epitomised that! Book 4 should be insane, I can’t wait to read the twists and turns that Aveyard includes..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This series is so unpredictable and that’s why I love it too! The endings to these books always kill me and leave me wanting more and more. I don’t even want to think about how insane book 4 is going to be; I don’t know if my heart can handle it! What makes this one your favorite of the series?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The premise made me start reading it, the action has hooked me, the world-building is so descriptive, and the twists and turns makes it a page-turner. I also like the fact that there is a bigger picture happening: Julian trying to figure out the origins of Silvers, Reds and Newbloods. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a great review- I love it!

    I’m with you on loving the series because of how unpredictable the plot is- I never see anything coming with Red Queen! There are so many shocks and blows and I’m never prepared for any of them haha.

    I agree that this book very slow paced and at times it felt like it dragged but I think it helped to emphasise how Mare felt being stuck in the palace. But Maven ahh I have so many conflicting feelings about Maven! I think Mare’s feelings for Maven mirrored my own as well ah there were so many mind games! But then all that stuff about Elara erasing Maven’s feelings for his dad and Cal :O she is definitely amongst the most evil and wickedest characters I’ve ever come across, I can’t believe she did that.

    Evangeline’s chapters surprised me so much as well! They were really insightful and I actually have a lot more respect for her now, and I do feel sorry that she can’t be free to lead the life she desires. And I agree, I’m uncertain about the whole Kingdom of the Rift thing…

    Aww and I completely agree about Farely as well- with every book I love her character more and more. And that’s such a great point, that having Clara didn’t mean Farely would be on the sidelines because that wasn’t true to her character. I’m glad that she was on the front lines too, because Farley is amazing at what she does.

    I also love Cal, he’s such a sweetheart but the ending broke my heart. I really hope everything will be resolved in the final book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!!

      I’m never prepared for anything in this series. It all just punches me in the heart and I’m left trying to recover for the rest of my days. But it’s soooooo good.

      It did drag but I agree that it was necessary to be in Mare’s headspace during this time. It gave us a chance to see Maven as King and what he’s dong and up to. It was interesting to see how he’s changed since Elara died and well, we haven’t truly seen Maven be King. But yeah, I too have many conflicting emotions where Maven is concerned. But you’re right, so ,so, so many mind games. I can’t even think about what Elara did to Maven his entire life without tearing up. It’s terrible. Power was so important to her that she couldn’t even me a mother to her only child. He was a pawn from the moment he was born and it breaks my heart.

      Evangeline was surprisingly one of the best parts of this book. I actually came to sort of like her??? I hope that things work out for her in the end. But, I don’t even want to talk about the Kingdom of the rift… I don’t understand and I don’t know where things are going to go with that.

      Farley is the best. Truly. Absolutely amazing character and I love her and Clara and I miss Shade and just ugh. I hope that she just continues to be amazing and I hope we get to see more of Clara in the future.

      I love Cal. I love him. I love him and oh my gosh I love him. He made me mad at the end but it’s okay, I still love him.

      I bet the final book will be the most amazing and heartbreaking one of them all and I can’t wait.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha I know right?! Victoria really knows how to get us in the feels!

        And I definitely agree, we didn’t see much of Maven in Glass Sword and after Elara died, I think a lot of people wanted to get inside his head and see what the real Maven was like. It’s sad to know that he couldn’t really be himself around anyone but Mare, and that the reason why he kept her prisoner was because it was the only way to keep her close. But then you remember all the pain he’s caused and gahhh you can really understand Mare’s conflicted feelings! And yeah that’s so true, Maven was pretty much a pawn from the moment he was born… ugh I’m so glad Elara’s gone now but I hate that she’s caused so much damage.

        Yeah I think Evangeline’s chapters really added something to the story, and now that we can actually see that she’s human just like everyone else, it’s much easier to like her. I hope things start to look up for her too! And hahaha I’m glad someone else feels the same way about it 😂

        Yay Team Farley! She’ll be such an amazing mum, and I think Clara will be grow up to be just as lovely as Shade.

        I really hope Cal makes things right in the next book! He’s so amazing though, I know he’ll do what’s right

        And I know I can’t wait for the grand finale!!

        Liked by 1 person

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