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ARC Review: Obsidian and Stars by Julie Eshbaugh

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I was lucky enough to receive an Advanced Readers Copy of this book through the amazing Epic Reads. Thank you so much Epic Reads!

Obsidian and Stars is the sequel to Ivory and Bone, Julie Eshbaugh‘s debut novel.

If you’d like to read my review for Ivory and Bone, click HERE!

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I really loved this book! It was an amazing sequel and I loved it infinitely more than the first. I still had a few problems but it was still amazing and again, way better than the first in the series. I flew through this even faster then Ivory and Bone; I couldn’t put it down. It was so easy to stay engrossed in the story. I really loved that we were in Mya’s POV this time around. I thought it was great to hear more from her and it allowed us to see more into her character. I did miss Kol’s voice though and I hope that the next book is in his POV again. The writing was again so beautiful and descriptive; I love that it really paints the picture in my head. I’m really loving this series and I hope that it keeps continuing and being amazing!

This review is going to contain SPOILERS. So, if you have not read Obsidian and Stars and do not wish to be spoiled, please go read it and then come back so we can discuss together!

Now onto the review!

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So, first things first. My biggest problem with the first book was thankfully not repeated in this book. I hated the tense that Ivory and Bone was written in and hated that it was only for a certain portion of the book and then stopped; it was really annoying. So I’m really happy that the same thing didn’t happen in this book. It wasn’t as hard to get in the story and the flow wasn’t as choppy because of this.

I liked that this one was in Mya’s POV. She really kept to herself in the first book and it was hard for Kol to understand her and get in her head. So, I’m very glad that we got a chance to be in her headspace. It was really nice and refreshing and her head was a very interesting place to be. I did miss Kol’s voice though and I hope that the next book is in his POV.

The book started off with Mya heading to Kol’s clan with the intention of being betrothed to Kol. I was really excited for Mya and Kol to be betrothed. I like that the relationship between them continued not to feel forced. Although they have so much going on and their relationship is really tested with everything that took place in this book they were still really sweet together. I loved the interactions between them. Their story together is very interesting.

However, we are immediately thrown into sadness with the death of Kol’s father. This is not only sad because his father died and Kol himself was hurt but it means that Kol becomes the High Elder of his clan. It puts a huge amount of responsibility on him very quickly and is just the first strains in puts on all of our characters.

After Kol’s father dies, Kol and Mya are betrothed and so are Pek and Seeri.  But then the next devastating thing happens; Mya’s brother Chev, the High Elder of her clan announces that he is going to marry their youngest sister, Lees to his friend Morsk. Mya is angered by this not only because he’s not giving Lees a choice but because she is significantly younger than Morsk. Lees is still a child and Morsk is no where close. Even though I know that this wouldn’t be a big thing in the time these books take place, I still didn’t like it. It made sense for the story but I really didn’t like it and it caused so many problems for everyone.

I know that the reason Mya took Lees away was because she knew that Chev wouldn’t pay attention and listen any other way. But I think the bigger reason was that she felt so selfish and in a big way felt responsible for Chev making the decision to marry Lees to Morsk. I think it was a very childish thing for her to do but I also completely understood why she did and it ended up allowing her to save Noni which was a very good thing.

Everything that took place on the island happened very quickly. By the time you processed one thing, something else was already going on. Mya and Lees found Noni and helped her, Chev came to apologize and rectify the decision he made to marry Lees to Morsk, Chev died, they were once again betrayed by the Bosha, Kol’s health continued to deteriorate, they had to fight their way off the island. It was all just one big mess.

Chev dying was what put the most strain on Mya and Kol’s relationship and betrothal. Them both becoming High Elder of their clan made what was right and wrong very hazy. They wanted to be together so badly but they also had to think about what was right for everyone else and the survival of their clans.

I’m happy with how everything was resolved. I’m glad that their two clans merged and that Kol and Mya were married. It made me really happy. Their clans being merged will make future books really interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing Kol and Mya lead together.

There wasn’t anything that I really disliked about this. I had a few problems but they were all miniscule and spread out; nothing really bugged me too much. I really enjoyed everything that took place; I think it all made sense for the story and carried on from the first book really nicely. I still loved all the characters and I look forward to where they will be taken next.

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My favorite part was when they were all in the tunnel trying to get to the beach. I loved how Pek had carried Black dog up and how Lees and Noni got to lead. And I love that Kol and Mya exchanged some really important moments.

Image result for quotes logoMy favorite quote was,

“That’s why I like the blackest nights-the darkest, obsidian skies of winter. When the world is coldest and darkest, the stars shine brightest.”

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And those were all my thoughts and feels on Obsidian and Stars!

Did you think this was a good sequel? Did you enjoy reading from Mya’s POV? Would you like to continue reading from Mya’s perspective or did you prefer Kol? Has your favorite character changed since the first book? What was your favorite part? Any quotes that really resonated with you? Where do you think the series will go from here? Are you excited for the series to keep going?

Leave me a comment with all your thoughts and feels?

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you keep visiting!!


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