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Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

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I have finally finished this massive tome!

I’ve been working my way through it all month and just pushed through the last little bit. Literally, I just closed the book 5 minutes ago and I’m in pieces. I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to form coherent thoughts for this review but I have a lot to talk about and a lot to vent about so we will see where this goes XD

Lord of Shadows is the sequel to Lady Midnight; the second book in the Dark Artifices series and now the thirteenth Shadowhunter book to be released.

If you’d like to read my review for Lady Midnight, click HERE!

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I don’t even know where to begin with this book. I truly am in pieces. Clockwork Princess remains my favorite book in this world but this was a really, really, really close second. This definitely topped Lady Midnight for me. And both Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows has topped all of my favorites within the original Mortal Instruments series. I’m loving these books, even though my heart is broken, I’m loving them. I don’t know how she will tie up this series but I’m looking forward to it.


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The rest of this review is going to contain SPOILERS. So if you have not read Lord of Shadows or the rest of the Shadowhunter books, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT KEEP READING. THIS IS AN AMAZING SERIES AND NEEDS TO BE READ IT ITS ENTIRETY AND IN ORDER. SO DO YOURSELF A GREAT FAVOR AND GO PICK THEM UP. NOW. I’M NOT JOKING. GO DO IT.

Now, onto what is sure to be an incredibly long review. You may want to grab a snack if you’re planning on sticking around because I’m really about to pour my heart out.


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I truly don’t even know where to begin. I guess the sensible place to start would be the beginning.

I will say that although I loved the entire book, the beginning was my least favorite part. It was very, very slow. And I had so many questions left from Lady Midnight and they just weren’t giving me anything to work with.

I hated the tension between Julian and Emma. It felt wrong and I don’t like the feeling I got while reading it. It was just UGH. And I didn’t like that Emma and Mark were just pretending. I was shipping them really hard. I wanted them to develop into something real. I knew that it wouldn’t happen because obviously one of the biggest things in this series is their relationship but I really shipped Mark and Emma. I was hopefully. However, I like that they were actually developing a great friendship that was helping them. I thought it was really cute that Mark had been sleeping on Emma’s floor and that she would sleep next to him and it was all just really sweet. But it was so awkward when they were around anyone else and I hated it.

I didn’t like the Centurions at all. This was our first real look at the Scholomance and it was terrible. It was a bunch of ignorant brats who felt entitled to the world and wanted to undo what Alec and Clary and Magnus and Simon, etc. had worked for. They’re pushing so hard to undo so much. Their bratty, less educated Valentine’s and they’re pushing for the same war over again. It’s maddening. Also, Zara. She can die. That’s all.

I like that we got to see a little bit of Clary and Jace. They’re all grown up and it’s cool to see them but it’s also really odd. City of Heavenly Fire wasn’t too long ago. It feels like I was just reading it and it’s still hard to process that we aren’t following their story and that they’re now running an Institute and doing secret faerie missions for the Clave.

I’m really perturbed by the dreams Clary has been having. She’s worried that she’s about to die; she says that she feels it and that she knows it is coming. She said that’s why she hasn’t accepted Jace’s proposal. It’s heart breaking. I want Jace and Clary to be married and I thought that they’d finally get to live happily ever after BUT OF COURSE NOT. Of course Clary has to start having ominous death dreams. UGH. WHY.

However, I think that it’s connected to what’s going on with Magnus. I’m really worried about him. His magic has been draining so easily and it just sounds like he’s falling apart. I think that what’s going on with them is definitely foreshadowing what’s going on in Faerie and with the downworlders and what I think is about to break out into an all out war.

I still love all of the Blackthorns. I love them SO, SO MUCH. I love them more than the Herondales, the Carstairs’, the Lightwoods. ALL OF THEM. I love them. However, Julian is no longer my favorite of the family. I love Ty. Ty is the best character Cassandra Clare has ever brought to life. He is amazing and I love him. He’s so complex and interesting. I love his relationship with his twin *excuse me while I go weep*. And I love his newfound relationship with Kit. I honestly don’t know if I ship them more has parabatai or as a couple. I think that either way they’d be amazing together and I just ship that together, it doesn’t matter in what sense of together they end up in. Kit has really come to surprise me as a character. He was introduced pretty quickly in the beginning of Lady Midnight and we didn’t really figure out the mystery behind him until the very end. I think that everything to do with Kit and his backstory and his personality has been executed so well. He’s a fantastic character and he’s become one of my favorites over Lady Midnight and this book especially. I hope he continues to be an important part of the story and again, I ship him and Ty so much. I think they’ll be needing each other even more now. *I’m still weeping*.

Speaking of Ty. I just love that Cassandra Clare writes these eclectic and important and DIFFERENT characters. Through all of her books we have a huge array of gay, bisexual, straight characters. But now, we have characters like Ty and Diana that represent even more people. Ty is majorly autistic. And I love seeing how his family has strived to find how to help him with that and how they really try to understand his brain and why he does the things he does. And in this book we learned that Diana is transgender. I really loved how we learned about her and her past. It was very sad but it was really interesting as well. I love that she writes characters that represent and can resonate with so many people.

I also wanted to touch on the whole Mark, Cristina, Kieran thing. This is a love triangle that has been developing a little bit in Lady Midnight and completely through this one. It’s intriguing. It’s not your typical love triangle and it’s actually really interesting. I’m not sure who I ship with who and who I want to be with who in the end and to be perfectly honest, I kinda hope the three of them are just in a relationship together XD

Moving on to Faerie. A lot happened in and with Faerie in this book. I’m still confused about a lot of it. And who knows what will come of it. I honestly don’t know how she’s going to conclude this particular series in just one more book. It’s crazy. First of all, Clary and Jace are on some weird faerie mission that’s top secret. We learn that they’re going there but we don’t hear anything else about it and don’t see them again after they go. Then Mark, Cristina, Emma and Julian take off into Faerie to rescue Kieran. And literally have a showdown with the King of the Unseelie. Like WHY. And then, the Queen of the Seelie strike a deal with them for them to help her get the Black Volume of the Dead in exchange for ending the Cold Peace, helping defeat the Unseelie King, and giving Julian information about the parabatai curse. THEN, weirdest of all, Drusilla freakily gets transported to some underground Faerie tunnels and meets who I am assuming who the Seelie Queen said the Unseelie took from her. And umm I can’t be sure but I think this is Sebastian Morgenstern’s spawn. With the Queen. Of Faerie. Like…what????? I can’t begin to process this. And then she weirdly gets transported right back like nothing happens so I’m just really confused about all of that. Majorly. But yeah. The center of what goes on in these books are the Cold Peace and all the things to do with Faerie and it’s inhabitants. I think everything is about to get a hundred times worse. If that’s even possible.

So, we learned a big lesson in this book. Don’t assume that a warlock is dead. In the London Shadow Market, Ty, Kit and Livvy meet a warlock that helps them…..and he has green skin…..ummm…..guys……I THINK ITS RAGNOR FELL. I mean, he was hiding his face and skin….but they caught a glimpse of the fact that he was green. And who else would’ve helped them? And talked about Catarina? I mean, he was the High Warlock of London…their in London. It’s Ragnor. I’m sure. And I hope that we learn how, and why, and that we get to see more of him because omg.

I also want to talk about Annabel. She’s a really important part of this series. However, I was really frustrated about her plot line. The epilogue of Lady Midnight was Annabel moving around in her grave….but she didn’t come into this book until literally page 278. I wrote it down because one of my biggest questions from the previous book was what was up with Annabel in her grave in the end. But anyway, we see Malcolm (who didn’t die *dramatic eye roll*) finally raise her from the dead. And then….she killed him. I was reading and was just sitting there in shock like “did that really just happen?”. But yeah. Awkward. And then she proceeds to keep the Black Book of the Dead. She only talks to Julian. She is manic. AND SHE CAUSES THE WORST THING EVER TO HAPPEN. I CAN’T.

On an unrelated note, let’s talk about Gwyn. He’s the leader of the Wild Hunt. I had come to actually hate him for everything that happened to Mark and for what happened to Jules and Emma. But it turns out that though he leads the Hunt, he isn’t completely responsible to everything. And I really liked what started to happen between he and Diana. It was really sweet and humanized him and caused me to look at him differently.

And I know that I’m probably leaving a lot of important things out but I think that this brings me to the ending.

My heart is gone because of it. Ripped out. Gone. I’M DESTROYED. I was really enjoying Livvy’s character. I loved her in Lady Midnight and I just kept loving her more and more as this book went on and then literally, on the last page, SHE DIED. WHAT EVEN. WHY. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE THE REASONING. I’M SO UPSET. WHY HER? WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO TY? TO KIT? WHERE IS THIS GOING TO LEAVE JULIAN? WHY? JUST WHY?

The whole ending was just a mess and left me in tears. I was really crying as I closed the book. Why does Cassandra Clare destroy me like this? It always happens and I don’t know why I don’t expect it. I’m never ready and it leaves me in shambles.

Who knows where the story will go from here. I don’t understand how Cassandra Clare writes all of these books. I don’t know how she keeps this story straight in her head. It’s amazing and I will keep buying everything that she continues to write within this series. However, I need to go and try to figure out how to cope with everything that just happened.

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I honestly had so many favorite parts. I’m not sure how to narrow it down to one thing so I think I’m going to cheat and share the top three scenes that I really, really loved. This list could go on forever so I’m going to just keep it to these three and let you know why I loved them and why these were the top three out of so many amazing things to choose from in this book.

First is on page 420. This is when Kit followed Ty onto the roof after Livvy got injured at the London Shadow Market. Ty was freaking out and blaming himself that Livvy was hurt and Kit asked him what he needed. And he told him that he just needed Kit to put his arms around him. That he just needed to be held. It was a very powerful scene and it was a big thing in the relationship between them. I really loved it. It was really beautiful and gave me all the feels.

Second is on page 442 when Emma and Julian were sitting on top of the roof of Malcolm’s house when they were catching Piskies. They started joking about all the Shadowhunter family mottos and it was just so hilarious. It was a great scene between Emma and Julian. With none of the tension that has become so terrible and expected with them. It was light and again, hilarious.

I don’t want this to drone on and on. I could make a really long list of all my favorite parts but it would take forever. So I’m going to end with one more so you’ll see my top three favorites and why.

And my last favorite part that I will be sharing is located on page 613. Which is something else that caused me to cry with this book. This was when Julian was telling Emma why he was sure that they weren’t going to destroy anything with their love. That they were going to fix everything and that they’d be together. He says such beautiful things sometimes and what he told her on this page was the most amazing and romantic line ever spoken. I’m actually going to put it right below in the Quotes section of this post because I loved it so much, so you can read it down there. But I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, it was amazing. This scene was beautiful.

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As with the Favorite part section, I have a list of  quotes that I absolutely loved in this book. I kept an ongoing list while I was reading and it just kept getting longer and longer. But again, I’m going to narrow it down to my top 3.

First, I’m going to share the quote that I mentioned above. With Emma and Julian on page 613.

“Do you know why I’m sure?” he whispered, kissing her temple, her cheek where it tasted like salt. “Because when this universe was born, when it blasted into existence in fire and glory, everything that would ever exist was created. Our souls are made of that fire and glory, of the atoms of it, the fragments of stars. Everyone’s are, but I believe ours, yours and mine, are made from the dust of the same star. That’s why we’ve always been drawn to each other like magnets, all our lives. All the pieces of us belong together.” He held her tighter. “Your name, Emma, means universe, you know,” he said. “Doesn’t that prove I’m right?”

My second favorite quote is on page 58. This was when Clary and Emma were talking on the roof. This wasn’t a particularly sweet quote or anything but I thought it was really important.

“I’d spent so much time running and fighting and desperate. And then things were ordinary. I didn’t trust it. We get used to living one way, even if it’s a bad way or a hard one. When that’s gone, there’s a hole to fill. It’s in our nature to try and fill it with anxieties and fears. It can take time to fill it with good things instead.”

And lastly, on page 479. Between Kit and Ty when they went to the Cornwall Institute on their own in the middle of the night. Kit asked Ty what he was murmuring under his breath. And Ty explained. It was super cute and really interesting.

“Just words I like,” he said. “If I say them to myself, it makes my mind — quieter. Does it bother you?” “No!” Kit said quickly. “I was just wondering what words you liked.” Ty bit his lip. For a moment, Kit thought he wasn’t going to say anything at all. “It’s no the meaning, just the sound,’ he said. “Glass, twin, apple, whisper, stars, crystal, shadow, lilt.” He glanced away from Kit, a shivering figure in his too-large hoodie, his black hair absorbing moonlight, giving none of it back. “Whisper would be one of mine, too,” said Kit. He took a step toward Ty, touched his shoulder gently. “Cloud, secret, highway, hurricane, mirror, castle, thorns.”

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And those were all my thoughts and feels on Lord of Shadows!

Did you think this was a good sequel? Who is your favorite character and has it changed since you started this series or do you still prefer characters from the Clockwork series or the Mortal Instruments? What were some of your favorite parts? Any quotes that really resonated with you? Where do you think the series will go from here? Are you excited for the series to keep going? Did the ending rip your heart out too?

Leave me a comment with all your thoughts and feels!!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you keep visiting!!


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