Reading Wrap Up's

Booktubeathon 2017 Day 5 Update

5 days down, 2 days left, lots of pages read!

I can’t believe we’re already through day 5 of this readathon. I’m going to be sad when it ends. It’s been making me so productive in my reading life haha. Seriously though, it has.

It’s 11:35 pm right now, so actually there are 25 minutes or so left in this readathon day but I am SOOOOOO tired and there is no way I’m reading more before bed.

I hope everyone is still having fun, meeting their goals and reading oodles of words!

I got up around 10:30 ish. And, I started reading just before 11. Which I’m very happy with. I started Love and Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson. Which was the conclusion to the trilogy I’ve been reading all week. I held off starting it yesterday because I decided that I was going to try and let it count toward the challenge of finishing a book in a day. And, I SUCCEEDED. I read exactly half of the book this morning and it didn’t take me long. But, I then had to stop to do chores and such for the rest of the day and didn’t have a chance to pick it back up until 2 and a half hours or so ago. BUT, I did finish it all before midnight. And actually, I read it all within the span of about 12 hours. Which I am SUPER proud of.

My reading plan for tomorrow though, could go so, so many ways. I’m still waiting on my book order and tomorrow is the last day it can come before the readathon ends so I am praying to the Book Gods. But, if the books do not arrive, I have a few other books that I can pick up instead. But, we will have to see what ends up happening.

Tomorrow is going to be my last really dedicated reading day because I’m going to be out all day Sunday and I know that I won’t get any reading done. So, yeah. I’m really praying hard that my books come and that I am able to read a lot tomorrow.

And that’s a wrap on my update for the fifth day of the Booktubeathon!

Let me know down below what you’re currently reading and how your reading day went!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you keep visiting!!


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