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Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

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Goodreads Synopsis

I have finally finished this massive tome!

I’ve been working my way through it all month and just pushed through the last little bit. Literally, I just closed the book 5 minutes ago and I’m in pieces. I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to form coherent thoughts for this review but I have a lot to talk about and a lot to vent about so we will see where this goes XD

Lord of Shadows is the sequel to Lady Midnight; the second book in the Dark Artifices series and now the thirteenth Shadowhunter book to be released.

If you’d like to read my review for Lady Midnight, click HERE!

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I don’t even know where to begin with this book. I truly am in pieces. Clockwork Princess remains my favorite book in this world but this was a really, really, really close second. This definitely topped Lady Midnight for me. And both Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows has topped all of my favorites within the original Mortal Instruments series. I’m loving these books, even though my heart is broken, I’m loving them. I don’t know how she will tie up this series but I’m looking forward to it.


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The rest of this review is going to contain SPOILERS. So if you have not read Lord of Shadows or the rest of the Shadowhunter books, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT KEEP READING. THIS IS AN AMAZING SERIES AND NEEDS TO BE READ IT ITS ENTIRETY AND IN ORDER. SO DO YOURSELF A GREAT FAVOR AND GO PICK THEM UP. NOW. I’M NOT JOKING. GO DO IT.

Now, onto what is sure to be an incredibly long review. You may want to grab a snack if you’re planning on sticking around because I’m really about to pour my heart out.


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I truly don’t even know where to begin. I guess the sensible place to start would be the beginning.

I will say that although I loved the entire book, the beginning was my least favorite part. It was very, very slow. And I had so many questions left from Lady Midnight and they just weren’t giving me anything to work with.

I hated the tension between Julian and Emma. It felt wrong and I don’t like the feeling I got while reading it. It was just UGH. And I didn’t like that Emma and Mark were just pretending. I was shipping them really hard. I wanted them to develop into something real. I knew that it wouldn’t happen because obviously one of the biggest things in this series is their relationship but I really shipped Mark and Emma. I was hopefully. However, I like that they were actually developing a great friendship that was helping them. I thought it was really cute that Mark had been sleeping on Emma’s floor and that she would sleep next to him and it was all just really sweet. But it was so awkward when they were around anyone else and I hated it.

I didn’t like the Centurions at all. This was our first real look at the Scholomance and it was terrible. It was a bunch of ignorant brats who felt entitled to the world and wanted to undo what Alec and Clary and Magnus and Simon, etc. had worked for. They’re pushing so hard to undo so much. Their bratty, less educated Valentine’s and they’re pushing for the same war over again. It’s maddening. Also, Zara. She can die. That’s all.

I like that we got to see a little bit of Clary and Jace. They’re all grown up and it’s cool to see them but it’s also really odd. City of Heavenly Fire wasn’t too long ago. It feels like I was just reading it and it’s still hard to process that we aren’t following their story and that they’re now running an Institute and doing secret faerie missions for the Clave.

I’m really perturbed by the dreams Clary has been having. She’s worried that she’s about to die; she says that she feels it and that she knows it is coming. She said that’s why she hasn’t accepted Jace’s proposal. It’s heart breaking. I want Jace and Clary to be married and I thought that they’d finally get to live happily ever after BUT OF COURSE NOT. Of course Clary has to start having ominous death dreams. UGH. WHY.

However, I think that it’s connected to what’s going on with Magnus. I’m really worried about him. His magic has been draining so easily and it just sounds like he’s falling apart. I think that what’s going on with them is definitely foreshadowing what’s going on in Faerie and with the downworlders and what I think is about to break out into an all out war.

I still love all of the Blackthorns. I love them SO, SO MUCH. I love them more than the Herondales, the Carstairs’, the Lightwoods. ALL OF THEM. I love them. However, Julian is no longer my favorite of the family. I love Ty. Ty is the best character Cassandra Clare has ever brought to life. He is amazing and I love him. He’s so complex and interesting. I love his relationship with his twin *excuse me while I go weep*. And I love his newfound relationship with Kit. I honestly don’t know if I ship them more has parabatai or as a couple. I think that either way they’d be amazing together and I just ship that together, it doesn’t matter in what sense of together they end up in. Kit has really come to surprise me as a character. He was introduced pretty quickly in the beginning of Lady Midnight and we didn’t really figure out the mystery behind him until the very end. I think that everything to do with Kit and his backstory and his personality has been executed so well. He’s a fantastic character and he’s become one of my favorites over Lady Midnight and this book especially. I hope he continues to be an important part of the story and again, I ship him and Ty so much. I think they’ll be needing each other even more now. *I’m still weeping*.

Speaking of Ty. I just love that Cassandra Clare writes these eclectic and important and DIFFERENT characters. Through all of her books we have a huge array of gay, bisexual, straight characters. But now, we have characters like Ty and Diana that represent even more people. Ty is majorly autistic. And I love seeing how his family has strived to find how to help him with that and how they really try to understand his brain and why he does the things he does. And in this book we learned that Diana is transgender. I really loved how we learned about her and her past. It was very sad but it was really interesting as well. I love that she writes characters that represent and can resonate with so many people.

I also wanted to touch on the whole Mark, Cristina, Kieran thing. This is a love triangle that has been developing a little bit in Lady Midnight and completely through this one. It’s intriguing. It’s not your typical love triangle and it’s actually really interesting. I’m not sure who I ship with who and who I want to be with who in the end and to be perfectly honest, I kinda hope the three of them are just in a relationship together XD

Moving on to Faerie. A lot happened in and with Faerie in this book. I’m still confused about a lot of it. And who knows what will come of it. I honestly don’t know how she’s going to conclude this particular series in just one more book. It’s crazy. First of all, Clary and Jace are on some weird faerie mission that’s top secret. We learn that they’re going there but we don’t hear anything else about it and don’t see them again after they go. Then Mark, Cristina, Emma and Julian take off into Faerie to rescue Kieran. And literally have a showdown with the King of the Unseelie. Like WHY. And then, the Queen of the Seelie strike a deal with them for them to help her get the Black Volume of the Dead in exchange for ending the Cold Peace, helping defeat the Unseelie King, and giving Julian information about the parabatai curse. THEN, weirdest of all, Drusilla freakily gets transported to some underground Faerie tunnels and meets who I am assuming who the Seelie Queen said the Unseelie took from her. And umm I can’t be sure but I think this is Sebastian Morgenstern’s spawn. With the Queen. Of Faerie. Like…what????? I can’t begin to process this. And then she weirdly gets transported right back like nothing happens so I’m just really confused about all of that. Majorly. But yeah. The center of what goes on in these books are the Cold Peace and all the things to do with Faerie and it’s inhabitants. I think everything is about to get a hundred times worse. If that’s even possible.

So, we learned a big lesson in this book. Don’t assume that a warlock is dead. In the London Shadow Market, Ty, Kit and Livvy meet a warlock that helps them…..and he has green skin…..ummm…..guys……I THINK ITS RAGNOR FELL. I mean, he was hiding his face and skin….but they caught a glimpse of the fact that he was green. And who else would’ve helped them? And talked about Catarina? I mean, he was the High Warlock of London…their in London. It’s Ragnor. I’m sure. And I hope that we learn how, and why, and that we get to see more of him because omg.

I also want to talk about Annabel. She’s a really important part of this series. However, I was really frustrated about her plot line. The epilogue of Lady Midnight was Annabel moving around in her grave….but she didn’t come into this book until literally page 278. I wrote it down because one of my biggest questions from the previous book was what was up with Annabel in her grave in the end. But anyway, we see Malcolm (who didn’t die *dramatic eye roll*) finally raise her from the dead. And then….she killed him. I was reading and was just sitting there in shock like “did that really just happen?”. But yeah. Awkward. And then she proceeds to keep the Black Book of the Dead. She only talks to Julian. She is manic. AND SHE CAUSES THE WORST THING EVER TO HAPPEN. I CAN’T.

On an unrelated note, let’s talk about Gwyn. He’s the leader of the Wild Hunt. I had come to actually hate him for everything that happened to Mark and for what happened to Jules and Emma. But it turns out that though he leads the Hunt, he isn’t completely responsible to everything. And I really liked what started to happen between he and Diana. It was really sweet and humanized him and caused me to look at him differently.

And I know that I’m probably leaving a lot of important things out but I think that this brings me to the ending.

My heart is gone because of it. Ripped out. Gone. I’M DESTROYED. I was really enjoying Livvy’s character. I loved her in Lady Midnight and I just kept loving her more and more as this book went on and then literally, on the last page, SHE DIED. WHAT EVEN. WHY. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE THE REASONING. I’M SO UPSET. WHY HER? WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO TY? TO KIT? WHERE IS THIS GOING TO LEAVE JULIAN? WHY? JUST WHY?

The whole ending was just a mess and left me in tears. I was really crying as I closed the book. Why does Cassandra Clare destroy me like this? It always happens and I don’t know why I don’t expect it. I’m never ready and it leaves me in shambles.

Who knows where the story will go from here. I don’t understand how Cassandra Clare writes all of these books. I don’t know how she keeps this story straight in her head. It’s amazing and I will keep buying everything that she continues to write within this series. However, I need to go and try to figure out how to cope with everything that just happened.

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I honestly had so many favorite parts. I’m not sure how to narrow it down to one thing so I think I’m going to cheat and share the top three scenes that I really, really loved. This list could go on forever so I’m going to just keep it to these three and let you know why I loved them and why these were the top three out of so many amazing things to choose from in this book.

First is on page 420. This is when Kit followed Ty onto the roof after Livvy got injured at the London Shadow Market. Ty was freaking out and blaming himself that Livvy was hurt and Kit asked him what he needed. And he told him that he just needed Kit to put his arms around him. That he just needed to be held. It was a very powerful scene and it was a big thing in the relationship between them. I really loved it. It was really beautiful and gave me all the feels.

Second is on page 442 when Emma and Julian were sitting on top of the roof of Malcolm’s house when they were catching Piskies. They started joking about all the Shadowhunter family mottos and it was just so hilarious. It was a great scene between Emma and Julian. With none of the tension that has become so terrible and expected with them. It was light and again, hilarious.

I don’t want this to drone on and on. I could make a really long list of all my favorite parts but it would take forever. So I’m going to end with one more so you’ll see my top three favorites and why.

And my last favorite part that I will be sharing is located on page 613. Which is something else that caused me to cry with this book. This was when Julian was telling Emma why he was sure that they weren’t going to destroy anything with their love. That they were going to fix everything and that they’d be together. He says such beautiful things sometimes and what he told her on this page was the most amazing and romantic line ever spoken. I’m actually going to put it right below in the Quotes section of this post because I loved it so much, so you can read it down there. But I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, it was amazing. This scene was beautiful.

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As with the Favorite part section, I have a list of  quotes that I absolutely loved in this book. I kept an ongoing list while I was reading and it just kept getting longer and longer. But again, I’m going to narrow it down to my top 3.

First, I’m going to share the quote that I mentioned above. With Emma and Julian on page 613.

“Do you know why I’m sure?” he whispered, kissing her temple, her cheek where it tasted like salt. “Because when this universe was born, when it blasted into existence in fire and glory, everything that would ever exist was created. Our souls are made of that fire and glory, of the atoms of it, the fragments of stars. Everyone’s are, but I believe ours, yours and mine, are made from the dust of the same star. That’s why we’ve always been drawn to each other like magnets, all our lives. All the pieces of us belong together.” He held her tighter. “Your name, Emma, means universe, you know,” he said. “Doesn’t that prove I’m right?”

My second favorite quote is on page 58. This was when Clary and Emma were talking on the roof. This wasn’t a particularly sweet quote or anything but I thought it was really important.

“I’d spent so much time running and fighting and desperate. And then things were ordinary. I didn’t trust it. We get used to living one way, even if it’s a bad way or a hard one. When that’s gone, there’s a hole to fill. It’s in our nature to try and fill it with anxieties and fears. It can take time to fill it with good things instead.”

And lastly, on page 479. Between Kit and Ty when they went to the Cornwall Institute on their own in the middle of the night. Kit asked Ty what he was murmuring under his breath. And Ty explained. It was super cute and really interesting.

“Just words I like,” he said. “If I say them to myself, it makes my mind — quieter. Does it bother you?” “No!” Kit said quickly. “I was just wondering what words you liked.” Ty bit his lip. For a moment, Kit thought he wasn’t going to say anything at all. “It’s no the meaning, just the sound,’ he said. “Glass, twin, apple, whisper, stars, crystal, shadow, lilt.” He glanced away from Kit, a shivering figure in his too-large hoodie, his black hair absorbing moonlight, giving none of it back. “Whisper would be one of mine, too,” said Kit. He took a step toward Ty, touched his shoulder gently. “Cloud, secret, highway, hurricane, mirror, castle, thorns.”

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And those were all my thoughts and feels on Lord of Shadows!

Did you think this was a good sequel? Who is your favorite character and has it changed since you started this series or do you still prefer characters from the Clockwork series or the Mortal Instruments? What were some of your favorite parts? Any quotes that really resonated with you? Where do you think the series will go from here? Are you excited for the series to keep going? Did the ending rip your heart out too?

Leave me a comment with all your thoughts and feels!!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you keep visiting!!


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ARC Review: Obsidian and Stars by Julie Eshbaugh

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Goodreads Synopsis

I was lucky enough to receive an Advanced Readers Copy of this book through the amazing Epic Reads. Thank you so much Epic Reads!

Obsidian and Stars is the sequel to Ivory and Bone, Julie Eshbaugh‘s debut novel.

If you’d like to read my review for Ivory and Bone, click HERE!

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I really loved this book! It was an amazing sequel and I loved it infinitely more than the first. I still had a few problems but it was still amazing and again, way better than the first in the series. I flew through this even faster then Ivory and Bone; I couldn’t put it down. It was so easy to stay engrossed in the story. I really loved that we were in Mya’s POV this time around. I thought it was great to hear more from her and it allowed us to see more into her character. I did miss Kol’s voice though and I hope that the next book is in his POV again. The writing was again so beautiful and descriptive; I love that it really paints the picture in my head. I’m really loving this series and I hope that it keeps continuing and being amazing!

This review is going to contain SPOILERS. So, if you have not read Obsidian and Stars and do not wish to be spoiled, please go read it and then come back so we can discuss together!

Now onto the review!

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So, first things first. My biggest problem with the first book was thankfully not repeated in this book. I hated the tense that Ivory and Bone was written in and hated that it was only for a certain portion of the book and then stopped; it was really annoying. So I’m really happy that the same thing didn’t happen in this book. It wasn’t as hard to get in the story and the flow wasn’t as choppy because of this.

I liked that this one was in Mya’s POV. She really kept to herself in the first book and it was hard for Kol to understand her and get in her head. So, I’m very glad that we got a chance to be in her headspace. It was really nice and refreshing and her head was a very interesting place to be. I did miss Kol’s voice though and I hope that the next book is in his POV.

The book started off with Mya heading to Kol’s clan with the intention of being betrothed to Kol. I was really excited for Mya and Kol to be betrothed. I like that the relationship between them continued not to feel forced. Although they have so much going on and their relationship is really tested with everything that took place in this book they were still really sweet together. I loved the interactions between them. Their story together is very interesting.

However, we are immediately thrown into sadness with the death of Kol’s father. This is not only sad because his father died and Kol himself was hurt but it means that Kol becomes the High Elder of his clan. It puts a huge amount of responsibility on him very quickly and is just the first strains in puts on all of our characters.

After Kol’s father dies, Kol and Mya are betrothed and so are Pek and Seeri.  But then the next devastating thing happens; Mya’s brother Chev, the High Elder of her clan announces that he is going to marry their youngest sister, Lees to his friend Morsk. Mya is angered by this not only because he’s not giving Lees a choice but because she is significantly younger than Morsk. Lees is still a child and Morsk is no where close. Even though I know that this wouldn’t be a big thing in the time these books take place, I still didn’t like it. It made sense for the story but I really didn’t like it and it caused so many problems for everyone.

I know that the reason Mya took Lees away was because she knew that Chev wouldn’t pay attention and listen any other way. But I think the bigger reason was that she felt so selfish and in a big way felt responsible for Chev making the decision to marry Lees to Morsk. I think it was a very childish thing for her to do but I also completely understood why she did and it ended up allowing her to save Noni which was a very good thing.

Everything that took place on the island happened very quickly. By the time you processed one thing, something else was already going on. Mya and Lees found Noni and helped her, Chev came to apologize and rectify the decision he made to marry Lees to Morsk, Chev died, they were once again betrayed by the Bosha, Kol’s health continued to deteriorate, they had to fight their way off the island. It was all just one big mess.

Chev dying was what put the most strain on Mya and Kol’s relationship and betrothal. Them both becoming High Elder of their clan made what was right and wrong very hazy. They wanted to be together so badly but they also had to think about what was right for everyone else and the survival of their clans.

I’m happy with how everything was resolved. I’m glad that their two clans merged and that Kol and Mya were married. It made me really happy. Their clans being merged will make future books really interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing Kol and Mya lead together.

There wasn’t anything that I really disliked about this. I had a few problems but they were all miniscule and spread out; nothing really bugged me too much. I really enjoyed everything that took place; I think it all made sense for the story and carried on from the first book really nicely. I still loved all the characters and I look forward to where they will be taken next.

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My favorite part was when they were all in the tunnel trying to get to the beach. I loved how Pek had carried Black dog up and how Lees and Noni got to lead. And I love that Kol and Mya exchanged some really important moments.

Image result for quotes logoMy favorite quote was,

“That’s why I like the blackest nights-the darkest, obsidian skies of winter. When the world is coldest and darkest, the stars shine brightest.”

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And those were all my thoughts and feels on Obsidian and Stars!

Did you think this was a good sequel? Did you enjoy reading from Mya’s POV? Would you like to continue reading from Mya’s perspective or did you prefer Kol? Has your favorite character changed since the first book? What was your favorite part? Any quotes that really resonated with you? Where do you think the series will go from here? Are you excited for the series to keep going?

Leave me a comment with all your thoughts and feels?

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you keep visiting!!


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Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh

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Goodreads Synopsis

Ivory and Bone is the first book in this series of the same name. This was Julie Eshbaugh‘s debut novel in 2016 by HarperCollins. I’ve been wanting to read this one for awhile and it got pushed up on my TBR because I received an ARC of the second book in the series, Obsidian and Stars and well, you have to read the first book before you can read the second XD

This review is going to contain SPOILERS. So, if you have not read Ivory and Bone and do not wish to be spoiled, please do read it and come back so we can discuss together!

Let’s get to the review!

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This was a fantastic book. I wasn’t too sure about it when I first started reading and had to push myself through the first couple of chapters or so, but once it got going, I was hooked.

Julie Eshbaugh‘s writing is so beautiful and addicting. She really brought the world to life in my head.

I found the way of life in this book so interesting. It takes place in prehistoric times where the people hunt mammoths and live in clans. I found it fascinating to read and think about how they lived. I found their “religion” if you will, to be very interesting too.

I loved all the characters. They felt like real people and everyone was very unique and had their own important role in the story. There was also a lot of character development in this book, not only for our main character but for pretty much everyone in the story.

I really enjoyed Kol and his family. I like their family dynamic and interactions. I liked that though Kol was to be the next leader of the clan and the oldest son that he never was stuck up or acted entitled. He was a very courageous, calm, smart and already showed signs of a great leader.

Kol’s brothers were all very interesting as well and all possessed unique qualities. I never found it hard to distinguish them from each other because they were all so different. Which I really liked and appreciated because sometimes younger sibling end up being very similar and hard to tell who is who because their not given a lot of time or individualized characteristics. I loved all the characters names in this book too; they were all so unique and cool haha.

I really loved the relationship between Kol and Mya. Although the sole purpose of Mya’s family visiting Kol’s clan was to find a mate for Mya and Kol was of course the ideal choice, it never felt forced to be this great romance. When Mya’s character was introduced I was a little worried that we would have this really forced and fast relationship but I was very pleasantly surprised. Not only did she not like him, but their clans didn’t even try to force them to feel something or to forge an alliance through them which I really enjoyed. Which was another thing I liked about Kol’s family. I really liked Mya’s family and clan as well. Though they differed from Kol’s, they were still interesting and pleasant.

I found the clan “politics” to be quite cool too. Like what was considered rude or polite or too forward or out of custom etc. It was all very interesting. And all the clans we saw were different from each other with their own customs and rules. However, they were very similar too.

I really enjoyed Kol’s voice and personality. He was an amazing character and I’m glad that we saw the story through his eyes. I liked Mya’s character and found it refreshing that she was different from all the other girls and kind of played by her own rules. I hope that we get to see more of Pek in the future; I found him to be a very refreshing character and loved the relationship between him and Kol.

I hope that we get to read more about the world and way of living in the novels to come; it was probably what I enjoyed most about this book. I hope that we get to see the relationship between Kol and Mya move forward, however I don’t want to be rushed or move really fast either. And I would love to keep reading about Kol’s brothers and family moving forward with the series as well.

Now, let’s get onto what I didn’t like so much.

I hated the tense this book was written in. This was the thing I hated the most about this book. It was what took me awhile to get used to in the beginning and caused me to force myself through the first chapters. I didn’t like it at all. Past tense doesn’t usually bother me; it takes me a minute to be like “oh, alright” and get used to it and it’s fine. However, not only was this in past tense, but Kol was also telling the story to Mya. So, it would be like “That’s when I saw you”, etc. Which caused the flow to be quite choppy in my opinion. Especially in the beginning. I don’t know but I just didn’t really like it and felt that it was unnecessary. And considering that the story that Kol was telling to Mya ended before the end of the book and then kept going just made it even more unnecessary. I hope that she doesn’t do that in the upcoming books because it really bugged me. This would have been a five star book for me had she not written like that.

I also didn’t like Lo’s clan. They weren’t really introduced and were only there to cause conflict and bring Kol and Mya’s clans together. They were introduced very quickly and then the conflict that came with them arose very quickly and the resolution was very quick as well. We didn’t get to see a lot of them and then they were almost immediately out of  the story. The resolution between Mya and Lo wasn’t really this big thing, it just sort of happened. I just didn’t like how anything to do with her clan was executed. I feel like it could have been a lot smoother and could’ve been made to be really interesting and it wasn’t. I hope that the conflict in the future books doesn’t continue to be other clans because I think that it will become very tiring and repetitive very quickly.

Image result for my favorite part:

My favorite part was actually the very end of the book. I like how things were left. I was very satisfied with how things came to a close yet, I was also very excited to see where things would go from there. I liked that scene with Kol and Mya and thought that it was very well executed and it was very, very sweet.

Image result for quotes logo

My favorite quote was,

“It’s odd, I think, how the thing you love most in a person can also be the thing you sometimes wish you could change”

Image result for my rating


Image result for 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’m rounding it to four stars on Goodreads. I know I’ve said it a million times but I mean it, GOODREADS NEEDS TO ALLOW HALF STARS!

There were a couple of things that really aggravated me but overall it was a fantastic read.  I flew through it. Once I really got into it I couldn’t put it down. I loved the characters and the story and it was all so very interesting. The writing was gorgeous and so descriptive and visual. I can’t wait to see where this series goes!

And those were all the thoughts and feels on Ivory and Bone!

Do you think that this was a good start to a series? Did you like the writing style? Did you find the tense to be annoying or do you think it added to the story? Did you like the characters? Who was your favorite? What was your favorite part? Any quotes that really resonated with you? Are you looking forward to continuing on with the series?

Leave me a comment with all of your thoughts and feels!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you keep visiting!!


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Mini Review: Love Me Two Times by Christie Ridgway

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Goodreads Synopsis

This is book 8 in the Rock Royalty series. I’ve been waiting a very, very long time for this book. Last year I back to backed all 7 within the span of a month or so and I absolutely loved them all. I had really been looking forward to this one and I’m very happy that I finally got to read it and that it didn’t let me down.

Sadly though, I wasn’t able to get through this as quickly as I wanted. The book itself flew by but I was struggling with being able to sit still and put my mind to reading.

This review is going to contain SPOILERS. So, if you have not read this book or the ones preceding it and do not wish to be spoiled, go read them and then come back so we can discuss together!

If you’d like to read my review for the first book in the series, Light My Fire, click here.

Let us get on to the review!


Image result for book review

This book was worth the wait. I loved Beck so much.

Though I will say that I guessed both of the “big revelations” if you will. I guessed both that baby Soul’s father would be Beck and that the little girl that haunted Ren’s past would be explained in Beck’s story.

That being said though, from the first page in Jewel’s point of view she told us that Beck was the father so it’s not like it was really a big surprise. And even when it was revealed that Jewel was the child that was involved in the accident that caused Ren and Beck not to be close anymore, it wasn’t really dwelled on or treated like a big deal.

This book was a lot shorter than the previous 7 which irked me quite a bit. I wanted more of their story and more Beck and UGH.

I loved the relationship between Beck and Jewel and Beck and Soul. He really developed as a character and ended up in a great place. I really love that the story wasn’t that Beck remembered that he had a great time with Jewel or that he just wanted to remember so badly that we decided to be with her or even that he just wanted to be with Soul. I love that it was revealed that not only had he fallen in love with her in the first place and decided to come home as quickly as possible and be with her and then he fell in love with her the second time, without any recollection of the first. And he wanted to do right by his daughter.

I wish that we could’ve gotten a book on when they fell in love for the first time. If Beck hadn’t lost his memory he would’ve been the first of the Rock Royalty to fall in love.

I loved Ren and Cilla’s wedding. It made me so happy that we got to see it. In the series they were the first to fall in love and the first to be engaged. Their wedding was so sweet and I’m glad that the Lemon’s didn’t have a chance to ruin it.

I kind of hope that Jewel and Beck used all the wedding plans in Jewel’s name and did get married that weekend haha. It technically wouldn’t have been fair to the rest of the rock royalty who were waiting for Ren and Cilla to then get married. BUT, again, Beck and Jewel did fall in love before the rest of them and they have a baby together.

I don’t know if I want to continue with the “spin off” that she is writing about Beck’s friend Ryan Hamilton. I’m sure that we would get to see glimpses of the rest of the nine getting married and such but I don’t know if I want to read about him. Although I love these books, I think that they are all written very, very similarly and I think that her continuing this specific series with this side character that we haven’t even met is to try and keep it going because this is series has done very well for the author.

Image result for my favorite part:

I have two favorite parts. The first being when Beck watched Soul by himself and he really enjoyed himself and had fun and then she got into Jell-O powder and scared him and it was just super cute. My second was Ren and Cilla’s wedding. Again, we’ve been waiting for this since book one of the series and it was so sweet.

Image result for my rating

Related image

Beck was one of my favorite guys that we followed throughout the series. I loved that we watched him fall in love for the second time. We’ve seen Jewel through all of the books in the series and I’m glad that not only did she become apart of the Rock Royalty tribe but that she also got her happily ever after too.

And those were all my thoughts on Love Me Two Times by Christie Ridgway!

Did you like this installment to the series? Was Beck your favorite Rock Royalty guy? Did you guess that Beck was Soul’s father? What was your favorite part? Do you think you’ll want to read the spin off book about Beck’s friend?

Leave a comment and tell me all of your thoughts and feels!!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you keep visiting!!


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Book Reviews

Mini Review: Zac and Mia by A. J. Betts

Image result for zac and mia aj betts goodreads

Goodreads Synopsis

I started reading this book back in October (yeah, I know that’s bad). I got to page 13 and I put it down to read something else and didn’t really have an interest in picking it back up so, I picked something else up and well, it just kept going. But I decided that it’s been far too long and decided just to power through it and finally finish it. I started reading again on Thursday night and just finished it about 20 minutes ago. I don’t have an exuberant amount of thoughts, however I did want to share the thoughts I do have.

This review is going to contain SPOILERS. So, if you have not read this book and do not wish to be spoiled, please go read it and come back.

But let’s get on with the review.

Image result for book review

I did not like this book as much as I thought I would. At all. I was incredibly disappointed. It wasn’t terrible. But it wasn’t great either.

There wasn’t a lot of depth to the characters or the story. The plot flowed really weirdly in my opinion. And overall, it fell so flat.

I didn’t like Mia. At all. She was a self absorbed whiner and very annoying.

All the other characters were impersonal and had no depth.

Honestly, the only thing I liked about this book was Zac. His witty humor and his personality were great and I really liked him.

I didn’t like “Part 3” of the book. It was all Mia’s perspective and as I said, I didn’t like her.

Zac’s relapse felt rushed and we didn’t really get the chance to absorb and move forward with the information. It just happened.

Everything just fell so flat and it disappointed me greatly.

I can’t really recall a favorite moment or any part of it that I truly enjoyed while reading.

Image result for my rating

Image result for two out of five stars

And so, those were all my thoughts about Zac and Mia by A.J. Betts!

Did you feel that it fell flat or did you enjoy it? How did you feel about the characters? Did you favor Zac, or Mia?

Tell me all of your thoughts and feels down below!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you keep visiting!!


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Book Reviews · Scarlet Guard

King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard

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Goodreads Synopsis

King’s Cage is the third book in the Red Queen series. If you have not read the previous two books or if you have not read this one, please go and read it and then come back. This review is going to contain SPOILERS.

If you’d like to read my review for the second book in the series, Glass Sword, click here!

I also have reviews for the prequel novella’s!

If you’d like to read my review for Queen Song, click here.

If you’d like to read my review for Steel Scars, click here.

Lets start the review!

Image result for book review

Let me just start by saying that the Red Queen series is by far my favorite series of all time. I love it so much. Red Queen is a special book to me. And Glass Sword is my favorite of the series so far.

I’m a little late reading this book. It came out mid February and I got it immediately and well…it’s been sitting on my shelf ever since. It’s been killing me to have it just sit there unread but…MY HEART JUST WASN’T READY.

One of the reasons I love this series so much is because it’s so high stakes and unpredictable. But it makes my heart hurt so much. After what happened in Glass Sword, I just wasn’t ready yet.

But I finally couldn’t take it anymore and decided it was time to read it. And, from the time I actually began to read to the time I finished it, it took me exactly a week to devour all 528 pages. I barely put it down.

This was a great addition to the series. However, it is my least favorite thus far. I had my problems with this one. It moved a lot slower than the rest of the series.

For almost three fourths of the novel, Mare is in captivity. Which means she isn’t doing much. We basically watch her unravel. In Mare’s own words, she becomes a ghost.

However, her being a prisoner allowed us to see Maven behind the scenes and we got to see the politics of his new court and, instead of seeing the Scarlet Guard operate and plan, we got to see the effect of what they did on the King. It was interesting and allowed for some good insight.

In the last book we got to see Cal and Mare interact. It this one, it was all Maven. I hold a special place for Maven. Like Mare, I struggle not to like him and feel for him. And we got a lot more of his background and we finally got to see him make his own choices without Elara. Which made me feel for him even more. Mavens life truly is depressing.

But he keeps Mare close. We know he loves her in his own wicked way and that he can’t let her go. So we just watch what Maven does. We watch him scheme and plan. He turns reds against the Scarlet Guard and recruits newbloods. He goes on a tour of the country and gains more and more support, painting the Guard as terrorists. And we watch him form an alliance with the Lakelands. Maven is incredibly smart.

Everyone plots against him though. He had House’s in his own court attempt an assassination on him. The Scarlet Guard keeps fighting. Mare tries her hardest to keep fighting. Maven’s reign is truly doomed.

I was just waiting for the first part of the book to end. We’re used to non stop action and twists in this series AND IT WASN’T THERE. It was killing me. Don’t get me wrong, like I said, it was interesting to see everything that was happening with Maven but it dragged and dragged and DRAGGED.

But things finally started to pick up with Maven’s alliance with the Lakelands and his marriage to their Princess, Iris.

I actually really like Iris and I hope we see more of her in the next book. She was a very, very fascinating character. Though, I know that when we do see her again, she will most likely be bringing lethal destruction with her.

So, Maven is married. Something that I find very weird. And when we see him again, I wonder how that will effect what he feels for Mare and the decisions he makes concerning her. He’s unpredictable with her and I wonder if this will enhance that or make him less conflicted. He doesn’t love Iris; their marriage was for power and alliance. But, still. I’m curious to see if this will change him any.

Maven’s wedding turned into a war zone. And I was so ready for it. Something was finally happening. She was finally being rescued. Cal was finally going to be here.

I am Team Cal all the way. Although I love both Maven and Kilorn, I root for Cal.

Evangeline really came to surprise me. She freed Mare. On the condition that Mare wouldn’t go after Ptolemus. But still, she freed her. Chapter Nineteen in Evangeline’s point of view was one of my favorite parts of the book. We finally got to see more to her than just this crown thirsty girl. It was nice to see a different side of her. All the chapters we got in her point of view were great. And, I never thought I’d say this, but they made me feel pity for her. I hope things work out for her. I truly do. I really came to like her. Maybe even Ptolemus a little bit too. I don’t think I’ll ever like him because I am still upset about Shade dying. But, I feel for him a little bit.

From the point that Mare got rescued to the end of the book it was amazing. It was what I was waiting for. We get caught up on what had been happening while Mare was away. And a lot has changed. We see even more newbloods and we see an array of abilities. The Scarlet Guard is up and moving a hundred times better and more effectively than we had in the past and things were actually going well. Very well. I hope that this situation with the Scarlet Guard and Montfort doesn’t come back to bite because like I said, the Scarlet Guard is doing so much better and getting things done and have more people behind them. I have a sneaking suspicion that they will turn on them at some point in the next book. But for now, it’s serving them well. They repeatedly succeeded in defeating Maven and it was so amazing. I hope it continues.

I wanna talk a little bit about Farley. She has always been one of my favorite characters and her being with Shade intensified that because he was one of my top three favorite characters. I loved him and I loved them together. This book made me love her even more if that’s possible. She was pregnant and still fighting and planning. And then once she had her baby, she was still on the front lines fighting for what she believed in and for a better world for her daughter. I loved it. I love that after having the baby she wasn’t just on the sidelines or left at home. It wouldn’t have been true to her character if she had. Farley is a fighter. And I think now even more so. She’s lost Shade and she wants her daughter to grow up without a war strewn country. I love that she named her baby after her mom. I think Clara is a very pretty name. And I love that we get told she looks like Shade. And, I love that when Farley goes out for the big fight at the end of the book that it’s Mare’s mom that looks after Clara. It’s really sweet and it’s a little piece of Shade still in the book and it really makes me happy when she is mentioned.

Now, let’s get to what I didn’t like so much.

So, the whole Samos King thing. I don’t like it. At all. Volo Samos has decided to be a King of his own property and have people act and treat him like the actual King. His wife is Queen. And Ptolemus and Evangeline are Prince and Princess?They have servants and other houses treating them like royalty. I really don’t understand. They have a certain amount of property. It doesn’t sound like it’s an incredibly substantial amount of land. So I mean, you just want to live kingless in your house with servants and other people calling you “your majesty”? EHHH??????? I don’t like it. And I don’t see it lasting at all. Either Maven or Cal will end it eventually. Or maybe even the guard. I guarantee it.

Another thing I didn’t like was the chapters in Cameron’s point of view. I like Cameron, I really do. And I was initially excited to see that we’d be getting her POV. But I hate how it was done. We got a few chapters sprinkled here and there and they weren’t extensive. Just a few pages giving us a little bit of what was happening. We needed more. Mare was imprisoned for so much of the book and we were left in the dark where everyone else and the Scarlet Guard were concerned. We should’ve had more from her point of view so we could know more. Instead we just got the bare minimum from her. And, I feel like her chapters weren’t written as well as the rest of the book. I don’t know. I just was a little disappointed with how it was pulled off.

Also, WHERE THE HELL WAS KILORN. He was there so much in the first two books and he’s one of my top three favorite characters and HE JUST WASN’T THERE DAMMIT. UGH. I love him so much and it’s like he was just left out. He’s in the book for I bet less than 10 pages. Barely mentioned. Barely thought about. I get that it’s because the rivalry between Kilorn and Cal is gone and that Mare has chosen to be with Cal. But come on. That means he disappears? He’s a big part of Mare’s life and her family. He should’ve been way more present.

And finally, the ending. The ending made me mad. We’re trying to make Cal King and Evangeline his Queen. But everyone is saying that they are trying to change the world. For reds and silvers to be united. But the Scarlet Guard does not believe or trust anyone. Not even Cal. They back him for now but their plan is just to let Cal, Maven and the Samos’ to kill each other and then to end up on top. It’s dirty. And won’t get them anywhere in the end. I love Cal, but nothing will change if he ends up King. Nothing will change if Maven remains King. And things will be even worse if Volo Samos remains King. I side with Mare. Why does anyone have to be King? I hope she can find a solution not only to change everything but to change Cal’s mind. It broke my heart when he chose the crown over her.

Image result for my favorite part:

My favorite part was when Clara was born. All the Barrow’s were there and even the Colonel was there. It made me really miss Shade but, all together made me really happy. It was a very sweet scene.

Image result for my rating

Related image

Although it had a few problems, this was still an amazing book. It’s my least favorite of the series so far but I still loved it. This remains my favorite series and I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

I was glued to the story and characters as always. This world just keeps getting more and more interesting and I love it.

I can’t wait to see what happens next and I think that the next one is actually the end of the series if I’m not mistaken.

 So, those were all my thoughts and feelings about King’s Cage!

Did you like this installment to the series? Did you find it lacking or did you enjoy it just as much as the others? Which is your favorite of the series? Who are your favorite characters? Which Calore brother do you root for? What was your favorite part? What do you think about the ending and where do you think the series will go from here?

Tell me all of your thoughts and feels down below!!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you keep visiting!!


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Book Reviews

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Image result for everything everything book

Goodreads Synopsis

This review is going to contain SPOILERS. So, if you have not read Everything, Everything, and you do not wish to be spoiled, please go and read it and come back.

I also did a teaser for this book. If you’d like to read it, click here.

Let’s get on with the review.

Image result for book review

In this book we follow Maddy. And as an infant, she was diagnosed with SCID. Which basically means she’s allergic to the world and that anything can trigger her into an extreme sickness that could be fatal. Because of this, she can not leave the house and hasn’t left her house in 17, almost 18 years. The only people she’s ever had contact with are her mom and her full time nurse Carla.

Maddy and her mom are extremely close. They’re all each other has. And Maddy’s mom clings to her fiercely, not only because she has been dangerously sick her entire life, but also because she lost her husband and son when Maddy was a baby.

I loved the relationship between Maddy and her mom. They make the most out of the situation and find ways to have fun and just enjoy every minute of the time they spend together. Maddy also has a very close relationship with Carla. Instead of acting like nurse and patient, they are friends. And it makes sense why; Carla is the only person that Maddy interacts with besides her mom and they spend all day, everyday together while Maddy’s mom is at work.

Maddy’s life is the same everyday. She has the same routine and sees the same two people. There is no change.

Until Olly moves in next door.

Maddy is instantly intrigued when she sees that a family is moving in next door. And she is especially intrigued by the boy she sees.

They see each other through the window and there’s an instant connection.

The initial contacts between Maddy and Olly were so cute! I loved how he put on this sort of skit with the Bundt cake; it was hilarious. And then when they finally started IM’ing and emailing, ahhhh it was just so adorable. Their conversations were so fun and they really started to get to know each other. Maddy keeps Olly a secret. Until….she can’t take it anymore and asks Carla to let them meet and actually talk.

Carla is incredibly reluctant, as she should be. Maddy has never been around anyone because anything can be a trigger. Anything that comes in her house is air sealed and decontaminated. But Carla finally gives in because she loves Maddy and wants to see her happy and believes that sometimes, just breathing and going on isn’t living.

So Maddy and Olly finally get to meet. On the condition that Olly goes through the decontamination process and under no circumstances are they allowed to touch.

Their first meeting was awkward, cute, interesting and bittersweet all in one. Of course it was awkward; Maddy has never even been around a boy, let alone one that she’s interested in and attracted to. And it’s awkward for Olly because well, lets face it, anything would be awkward if you had to be completely decontaminated first. But, it was very cute. The way they acted around each other and the deep conversations they had….it was just the cutest. It was so bittersweet though! Maddy knew that no matter how much she wanted it, there was no future and it would have to end. All they would ever have was 20 minute talks, where they had to stay on their side of the room and never touch. It was heartbreaking.

But then…….they accidently touch…..and then…..they kiss. And Maddy falls for Olly.

She wants to be able to be with him more than anything. But she knows she can’t. And yet, she doesn’t care. She decides to go by what Carla has always told her; love can’t kill you and risks are a part of living.

It’s very hard to be on the “right” side here. You should hope that Maddy stays in the house and is careful and doesn’t take the risks she does because she’s so ill and the possibility of her dying is so high. But it’s impossible not to hope for Maddy and Olly to be together. IMPOSSIBLE.

When she made the decision to be reckless and not only leave the house, but get on a plane, and go to Maui…..I was cheering her on the entire time. When she said that she didn’t care if she died that at least she finally got to live first, I understood what she meant and completely agreed with the choices she made. And I’m not saying being reckless and risking your life for a boy is what I agree with here. I agree with what she was saying about seeing the world for the first time, and that doing the same old same, seeing the same two people and being surrounded by the same four walls, isn’t living. I would’ve made the same choices had I been in her shoes.

I like that she risked her life and left and knew she could and probably would die and the one place she chose to go was her dads favorite place; Maui. She also chose it because the one thing she always wanted to see was the ocean.

Maddy and Olly’s trip to Maui was absolutely adorable. They had limited time and made the most of it and it was just amazing and so sweet. They did so much and grew so close together and ugh it just made my heart hurt with how cute it all was. And like Maddy, we get hopeful. She’s been out of the house for days now and has been introduced to so many things and be exposed and nothing has happened to her and she’s still alive and fine. We hope that she’ll stay okay and that it will all be okay.

But then, the worst thing happens.

She ends up in the hospital because she gets terribly sick and her heart stops. And her mom goes to Maui and brings her back home.

When Maddy finally wakes up, she’s devastated. She’s back to where she was; stuck and locked up. And away from Olly. And she can’t take it. So she cuts ties with Olly and tries to forget everything and go back to the way things were before she saw him.

It broke my heart.

But we go back to the same routine and try to move on and then Olly moves away and it’s all the way it used to be.

Until…..Maddy gets an email from the doctor in Maui, saying that she doesn’t think Maddy has SCID….or that she ever had it.

This is when we get thrown through a loop. I did not see what happened next coming at all; I was completely shocked.

We find out that her mom has been lying to her for 18 years. Her entire life. She kept her in the house and by herself and away from anything and everything.

After her dad and brother died, Maddy’s mom couldn’t cope. Maddy was all she had and she decided the only way to keep her safe was to not allow her to be a part of the world.

Now don’t get me wrong, I see what Maddy’s mom believed and all she wanted was to keep her safe and I get that and there is nothing wrong with wanting to protect your child. But she took it to the absolute extreme. She took so much away from Maddy and it truly is unfair. She took 18 years away from her. She kept her locked up and told her that she was terribly sick and would die if she left the house. And that is so, so wrong.

Like I said, I didn’t see that coming and it shocked me. And it was a really good twist. But this became the focus of the end of the story.


This book was on it’s way to becoming a five star read. I loved everything I had read and couldn’t put it down.


The book was about Maddy and Olly and THEIR STORY. And he wasn’t even in the last forty pages or so. AND THEN. WHEN HE WAS FINALLY BACK IN THE STORY. IT WAS FOR 5 PAGES.

And we don’t even know what happened. It ended with her going to New York to surprise him. She went to this bookstore and told him to go there….and left her favorite book as a clue…..and he saw it…..and then said “I found your book”…..AND IT ENDED.

I was so disappointed. That didn’t tell us what happened. We don’t know if they were going to be able to be together. Or what. It just ended.

So, other than the ending, I completely loved this book. I loved the story and all the characters. And I really loved Nicola Yoons’ writing style and how not every page was filled with text and that we got illustrations throughout the book. It was such an easy and light read and overall it was just great. I just wish we had gotten to know a little more on how things were left between Maddy and Olly.

Also, I’m planning on seeing the movie opening weekend and I’m very excited. I hope that it’s as amazing as the book (but expands on the ending a little bit).

My favorite part:

When Maddy and Olly finally met for the first time in person. It was so cute and just UGH I loved it so much.

Image result for 4 and a half stars out of 5

The ending really disappointed me and made the book feel so unfinished so I just can’t rate this 5/5 stars. But I still loved it so, so much.

(I rounded it to 4/5 stars on Goodreads. Again I say, Goodreads really needs to allow half stars)

So, those were all my thoughts and feelings about Everything, Everything!

Did you love the relationship between Maddy and Olly? Would you have made the same choices Maddy did? Did you see the twist coming? Do you agree with what her mom did and/or her reasoning? Or did you agree with how Maddy felt and reacted? Did the ending make you angry?

Tell me all of your thoughts and feels down below!!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you keep visiting!!


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