Here is my rating system:

Image result for 5 stars/5 stars:

I LOVED this book and now I have to figure out how to fit it on my favorites shelf

Image result for 4 stars/5 stars:

I really enjoyed this book but there were a few things that I wasn’t thrilled about

Image result for 3 stars/5 stars:

Kind of fell flat for me but I still enjoyed the overall reading experience

Image result for 2 stars/5 stars:

I didn’t really enjoy it but something kept my attention

Related image/5 stars:

Hated it. There wasn’t anything I really enjoyed. I had to force myself to finish it.

Image result for dnf/Did Not Finish:

I did not finish this book. I put it down and have no desire to pick it up again.

(I have only ever DNF’ed one book so likelihood of it happening again is minuscule)


(I also use half stars sometimes to more accurately describe my feelings pertaining a book)


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