Want A Review?

If you are a publisher or published/self published author that would like me to do a review of your book please contact me at katiesjumbledthoughts@gmail.com!

I am currently accepting books classified under Young Adult fiction and New Adult Romance.

I accept ARC’s and finished copies in physical format only.

(I’m sorry but I have a home library to build 🙂 )

Pretty much any book that falls under the aforementioned criteria will be accepted but I may decline.

If you are wanting to send me a book in a series, I may require the previous book(s).

If your book is accepted for review, then please note that a honest review will be given based on my thoughts and feelings regarding the book and only the book. This means that your book may not get a good review.

Any book that I am sent will be read and reviewed.

If I am sent an ARC than I will do my best to have the review posted before the release date. If I am sent a book that is already released I will read it as soon as I can. But with that being said, whether the book is an ARC or a book that has already been released, I will not guarantee it will be read immediately but it will be a top priority for me.

My review will always be posted here on katiesjumbledthoughts but I will also share my rating and maybe my thoughts about the book on Goodreads.

Thank you so much for reading my review policy and I would LOVE to hear from you!

Any correspondence that is received will be answered in a timely fashion.


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